The WalkerCane™ is a mobility aid that is two products in one. The walker has three permanent legs, with the cane being incorporated as the other leg of the walker, but it can be separated and used alone.

This innovative, two-in-one mobility device is designed for those who face difficulty navigating their home or other areas. It is ideal for the elderly or patients that have had joint, hip, or knee repair, and makes everyday life easier





Special features

  • Safe walking aid
  • Two products in one
  • Cane functional as walker leg
  • Cane can be used alone
  • Cane used for short walks or tasks
  • Quick and easy transition from walker to cane
  • Cane provides support where walker doesn’t fit
  • Improves post-surgery recovery
  • Provides better options for mobility support
  • Enables user to navigate in smaller spaces
  • Folds flat for storage when not in use
  • Great for home, workplace, and other areas




The WalkerCane™ is a walker having a leg that detaches to form a cane when the user needs to ambulate in confined areas. A cane is used as the detachable leg, and is easily removed when needed.

The cane is attached to the walker with a clasp that can be opened by lifting the handle and swinging it open, then replaced when finished. The walker can be folded and put away, with or without the cane attached, and conveniently stored until needed again.

The WalkerCane™ is two products in one, eliminating the need for purchasing a walker and a cane. The elderly and patients recovering from surgery will appreciate saving money by having only to purchase one mobility aid instead of two, and having a choice of which aid will work better for each task they need to perform.

For more information, see website: https://www.walkercanecombo.com/


Materials needed to produce the WalkerCane™:

  • Inverted U-shaped frame (2)
    • Horizontal handlebar
    • Aluminum
  • Detachable rear leg
    • Cane
  • Clasp
  • Hinges
  • Wheels



The  WalkerCane™ is covered by United States Utility Patents: 9,974,707, and 10,470,963





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