The FuGoal™ is a pivoting soccer goal that can be used by one or more players in a number of ways for recreational sports and games.

A ball is kicked or thrown into the net from a set distance to score points. Any ball, such as a football, soccer ball, play ball, or throwing disc will work. Scoring rules can vary from game to game, and players may not want to keep score and play just for fun.

The FuGoal™ can be used on a golf course or in a field, and multiple goals are used for a game. The versatility is unmatched by any other portable soccer goal.





Special features

  • Pivoting soccer goal
  • Play from one or both sides
  • One or more players
  • Play on golf greens or open fields
  • Great for off-season playing and practice
  • Different balls or a throwing disc may be used
  • Scorekeeping optional
  • One version sits in golf hole
  • One version is mounted on a mat
  • One or more goals may be used
  • Versatile game play
  • Possibly manufactured as a tabletop game



The FuGoal™ is a pivoting soccer goal that catches a ball that is kicked or thrown into it and pivots to keep it in the net. This goal is mounted on hardware that will fit into a golf hole to provide a new kind of challenge and game play in the game of golf. Different equipment is used, but basic play and scoring are the same.

The second version of the goal is mounted on a mat, and may be placed in a field for open play. Multiple goals can be used together to create a game with rules that can adapt to the way the players want to play. Scoring challenges, kicking or throwing challenges and team coordination will be important factors to consider.

One or more players may play, and if preferred, no game is necessary – just the fun of running up and down the field scoring goals. Outside enthusiasts will appreciate the versatility of this new goal, and will use it for practice during the off-season for training youth and improving skills in multiple sports, such as football, baseball, soccer and even throwing a disc.

Game Examples:

FuGoal™ Golf (played on a golf course)

The object of the game is to complete what is known as a hole by playing a ball from the teeing ground into the FuGoal™ net (or FuGoal™ hole) on the putting green with the fewest possible number of kicks. A lacrosse ball, throwing ball or throwing disc (if allowed on the course) may be substituted for a soccer ball. A “round” of FuGoal™ Golf consists of playing 18 holes. The player (or team) with the fewest number of kicks is the winner.


 Speed Golf: Speed of play, accuracy and quickest times on the course.

 Partners/Foursomes/Team Golf: Scoring system provides multiple options for multiple players to partner with others rather than play as an individual.

 Dynamic FootGolf: The ball can be redirected by a partner as long as the ball is still in motion. Two kicks are allowed to be counted as one kick and can only be used once per hole.

FuGoal™ Sport (played on an open field)

  • Can play with one single or multiple FuGoal™ nets
  • Minimum distance between goals is 30 meters and each goal must be equidistant to the other goal
  • The outside boundary lines shall be a minimum of 20 meters from the nearest goal
  • Two-point boundary line is 10 meters from the center of the goal (see circles), inside the circle, each goal is 1 point.

The FuGoal™ promotes fun, exercise, and teamwork. It encourages creativity to invent new games, and provides a fun way to practice skills and keep in shape during the off-season of any sport, including soccer. Youth and adult players will enjoy having a creative and fun new way to play while keeping busy and enjoying being outdoors. Although this product was created for outdoor activities, a small, tabletop version is a possible consideration.

Materials needed to produce the FuGoal™:

  • Frame
    • Netting
    • Flag Holder
  • Pivoting Connection Hardware
  • Cup Insertion Hardware
  • Platform


The FuGoal™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,112,092















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