Phone Dome™




The Phone Dome™ is a sun-shade accessory for smartphones, tablets, cell phones and other mobile devices that would make it easier to view the display screen in direct sunlight. It also limits the amount of thermal heat absorption while the device is exposed to the sunlight.

The Phone Dome™ shades the screen for better viewing while outside. It is lightweight, foldable, portable and will fit a variety of small electronics. The clip is padded, so no scratching the screen, and can be folded up and stored in a carrying case when not in use.



Special features

  • Allows mobile device screen to be viewed in sunlight
  • No blocking of sunlight required
  • No finding shade to use phone outside
  • Easily attaches to phone, tablet, or another mobile device
  • Foldable screen fits most small mobile devices
  • Hinged for easy unfolding
  • Lightweight material
  • Comes with storage case
  • Portable—take it anywhere
  • Two styles—attach to side or end
  • Assorted colors




The Phone Dome™ is a sunshade accessory for smartphones, tablets, cell phones, or other small mobile devices. The shade is unfolded over the device to limit thermal heat absorption and provide clear viewing of the screen.

The clip attaches to the side or the end of the mobile device, the ribbed cover unfolds over it, and the lightweight material blocks the sun’s harsh rays. After use, the screen is folded up, removed from the device, and placed in the matching carrying case. The case can be stored in a pocket, backpack, or purse for use anytime it is needed.

This new Phone Dome™ is an accessory that will be used by anyone who uses a cell phone or tablet, and spends a lot of time outdoors. It is a convenient product that can be clipped to a variety of small mobile electronic devices in an instant for protection from the sun


Materials needed to produce the Phone Dome™:

  • Foldable shade
    • Lightweight material
    • Durable material
  • Support rods
    • Attached to clip


  • Clip
    • Foam linings
  • Carrying case
  • Variety of sizes
  • Variety of colors




The Phone Dome™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,382,603















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