Handgun Holster for Athletic Use





The Handgun Holster for Athletic Use is a soft, comfortable, moisture-wicking holster to use anytime, but also while running, cycling, hiking, or doing other physical activity. The holster securely holds a handgun inside a sports bra or waistband while the user is moving.

The comfortable, soft holster is constructed of three different materials, and prevents the handgun from getting damp from perspiration or outside weather elements. Double straps attach the holster to the inside of clothing, and are held in place with strong magnets.  Carrying protection while running, jogging, or performing other forms of exercise, keeps the user prepared and safe.





Special features

  • Holds handgun safely against body
  • Soft holster comfortable and non-irritating
  • Lightweight, compact and cool to wear
  • Securely attaches to clothing with strong magnets
  • Worn inside sports bra or waistband, under clothing
  • Works for male and female athletes
  • Outside layer made of wicking fabric
  • Middle layer made of waterproof fabric
  • Inside layer made of muslin
  • Securing straps attach holster inside or outside clothing
  • Protects handgun from dampness from sweat
  • Protects handgun from wet weather elements






The Handgun Holster for Athletic Use is a holster to wear anytime, and is great to wear while running or performing other exercise/fitness activities. It is soft and comfortable, moisture-proof, and will not irritate skin. It is constructed of three layers of material, has straps that are sewn in, and include Neodymium magnets that secure the holster inside clothing.

Three layers of material are used to make the holster, which include wicking fabric, waterproof fabric and soft muslin for the inside. The securing straps are short, attached to the back of the holster, and contain the magnets that connect to hold the holster in place. This makes it perfect for wearing under clothing, but can also be worn on the outside, if preferred.

The Handgun Holster for Athletic Use can be attached inside a sports bra or waistband, protects the handgun from moisture from the body or outside elements, and does not restrict body movement. This is a great holster for anytime use, but also works well for all types of exercising, training, etc. It is a comfortable holster that can be worn for everyday use, protects the gun from moisture, can be worn inside or outside of clothing, and will be appreciated by men and women who carry handguns.

Materials needed to produce the Handgun Holster for Athletic Use:

  • Wicking material
  • Waterproof material
  • Muslin
  • Magnets








The Handgun Holster for Athletic Use is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,962,326











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