With 62 LEGOs for every human on Earth and 4 billion minifigures produced, it is no wonder that LEGOs are a popular pastime for adults and children all over the world. Many people enjoy playing with LEGOs. The problem is these 400 billion LEGO pieces are laying on floors in homes around the world, and clean-up is a slow, boring process often resulting in lost pieces. All of us have probably stepped on a LEGO at one point and felt the searing pain known as “LEGO PAIN!” flare up, OUCH! There are a few products on the market to help clean-up and/or store LEGOs, but nothing that provides the perfect solution. There have been social media frenzies revolving around this product idea, but nothing has come to fruition yet. The ToyVac® seeks to challenge the industry standards with its innovative design and usability for picking up and storing LEGOs. The ToyVac® It Gets Your Toys Off Your Floor and Your Parents Off Your Back!™

The ToyVac® is a device that quickly and easily cleans up LEGOs by vacuuming them into a storage chamber. It contains a sorting system to allow LEGOs of different sizes to automatically be separated when vacuumed. With the vacuuming function, ToyVac® dynamically separates the dirt from the LEGOs into different chambers. This product makes the clean-up process way more fun and has the ability to pick up all of the LEGOs, including those little ones. With over 400 million hours per year spent picking up LEGOs, this product will revolutionize LEGO clean-up.  By speeding up the clean-up process, people will have more time to play with their LEGOs or do other things they enjoy. The ToyVac® can also be used to clean-up other toys that have small parts as well as messes after crafting and can be used in industrial or medical scenarios.



Special Features

  • Provides a fast, fun, and efficient way to clean up LEGOs
  • Quick and easy to use for kids and adults
  • Sorts out the larger LEGOs by size into 3 separate sections
  • Separates the dirt from the LEGOs
  • Large storage capacity for LEGOs
  • Makes the clean-up process fun
  • 4 wheels and a large handle to make the device easy to move around
  • Able to quickly and easily transfer to a different storage device
  • Able to pick-up all LEGOs in the cleaning process
  • Contains a vacuum nozzle that is safe to use for children
  • Flexible design that can be adjusted to meet the needs of a multitude of industries such as toy, crafting, industrial, and medical
  • Made with high quality, durable materials
  • Cost efficient to make and sell to consumers
  • Lightweight and compact design


Currently LEGO is the #2 toymaker in the world, culminating in 5 billion hours spent each year playing with LEGOs. The ToyVac® is the perfect solution for cleaning and storing LEGOs when people are finished playing with them. The ToyVac® is a device that vacuums LEGOs off surfaces, filters the LEGOs from dirt and debris, sorts them by size of the piece into 3 sections, and stores them in a container to be out of the way and ready for use next time. The design incorporates features that ensure dirt is not mixed with the LEGOS, the LEGOs are sorted into small, medium, and large pieces, and is child-friendly; providing a fun and safe experience each time it is used. The device contains 4 wheels and a handle to allow it to be easily moved around on a variety of surfaces. Please note the design of the ToyVac® can be adjusted as desired to meet the needs of the customer and manufacturer such as to expand into other industries such as picking up and sorting items for crafting, industrial, or medical scenarios.

The main container’s purpose is to organize and store the LEGOs in the sorted 3 portions of the container by using a lattice design. The size of the holes in the lattice barriers inside the device can be sized to what makes the most sense. Generally, the size of the 3 sections goes from large LEGOs at the top, medium LEGOs in the middle, and finally small LEGOs in the bottom. It provides a large container to allow many LEGOs of varying sizes and shapes to be stored. If the LEGOs are not fully sorted when vacuuming them up, a quick shake of the device can finish the process. This storage container has 4 toggle latches allowing it to easily be taken on and off to access the LEGOs when the user is ready to play with them next or to easily transfer the LEGOs into a different storage device.

The device uses the suction of an on-board vacuum compartment to suck the LEGOs through the hose, and it is calculated to allow the dirt and debris to move through the stream into a separate container. The lighter particles, such as dirt and debris, will flow along the top of the device to exit out the back into a separate bin. This bin is removable and can be easily emptied into the trash. The nozzle used is designed to be child friendly to not cause injury in the process in case part of their body moves in front of the nozzle during the cleaning process. It also contains a HEPA vacuum filter to enhance the cleanliness of using this product. This feature allows the LEGOs to be less dirty along with double tasking by cleaning up a bit of the area in the process. Using a vacuum method to pick up the pieces also ensures a higher likelihood of getting all the pieces picked up versus having a lot of the pieces, especially the small ones, to not be seen, forgotten, and lost in the process.

There have been two large social media frenzies revolving around the concept of having a vacuum to clean up and sort LEGOs when finished playing. The first one started in April 2018 as an April Fool’s joke from LEGO itself. They made a post for the ‘VacuSort’ to vacuum and sort LEGOs along with separating the dust. There was a huge response to the post including a lot of people commenting how they could really use this product. A word cloud is shown highlighting some of the popular words to the responses. The second frenzy started in March 2022 where the YouTube channel Unnecessary Inventions created the ‘LEGO Suck It!’ to accomplish a similar thing to the ‘VacuSort’ where it would vacuum up and sort the LEGOs. People responded to the post with great excitement for the product making statements in the comments like:

  • “This is one of the actually necessary inventions this guy made.”
  • “’Unnecessary invention? This would literally save my life.”
  • “This is something every Lego builder needs, it’s actually useful”
  • “This is an actual invention that needs to be sold publicly. I would take one”
  • “I wish this was around when my kids were growing up”



Materials needed to produce the ToyVac®:

  • Injection molding
  • 4 ft3/second small vacuum motor
  • 4 black caster wheels
  • 4 toggle latches
  • Vacuum cleaner hose
  • HEPA vacuum filter
  • Packaging
  • Materials to attach all parts together





The ToyVac® is covered by United States Utility Patent:10,058,893



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