The SquatFit™ is a training device that teaches a user to squat correctly, without applying weight to the shoulders and back. With the lower legs secured into place, with or without ankle mobility allowed, the squat is performed with lower leg pressure applied to the calf plates, while directing the hips and pelvis down and backward. Throughout the squat the shoulders remain over the knees. Resistance bands can be applied to the device and the body for a more intense therapy, strengthening the legs, thighs, hips and back.




Special features

  • Trains a user to squat properly
  • Secures legs into correct position
  • Allows for lower leg to be mobile or immobile
  • Establishes a method to:
    • Perform simultaneous squat and spinal exercise without exerting compression forces on the spine
    • Exercise and train the spinal neuromusculoskeletal system in flexion, extension, and rotation maneuvers
    • Exercise with or without resistance and/or direct compressive force upon the spine
  • Improves flexibility, coordination, strength and endurance of the spinal to ankle connective tissue regions and kinetic systems
  • Improves cardio-vascular and respiratory fitness with regular and extended exercise periods
  • Exercise upper extremities by using resistance attachments
  • Multiple positions, and resistance attachments for a variety of exercises
  • Portable fitness device
  • Can be used in homes, gyms, fitness centers, rehabilitation facilities, hospitals and more





The SquatFit™ provides users a stable lower extremity base to help assure good motor function of the squat exercise to improve efficient flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance to lower back and extremities by establishing a correct squat technique.

The correct performance of a squat is important for general activities of daily living; occupational tasks such as lifting, pushing, pulling and stabilizing; tasks such as for retrieving items from the floor or ground, balancing, and preparation of movement activities such as jumping, leaping and running. A correct squat improves flexibility, coordination, strength and endurance of the lower leg, knee, upper leg, hip, pelvis and spine regions and general conditioning for the whole body, and reduces the risk of injuries while performing daily tasks, exercising, and participating in sports activities.

The SquatFit™ is a device that holds lower legs in position with adjustable straps, or other securing mechanism, has a non-slip platform for the user’s feet, and allows the user to perform squats with no compression on the shoulders or spine. Resistance straps, or other securing devices, may be attached to a belt worn by the user, and/or attached to the machine levers.

Strength training of lower extremities and back are beneficial for allowing easier movement when squatting, standing and walking. Balance is achieved, which improves flexibility, coordination, strength, and endurance.




Materials needed to produce the SquatFit™:

  • Welded frame
  • Platform with safety strips
  • Resistance straps or other resistance devices
  • Leg straps
  • Adjustable belt
  • Clasps, hooks
  • Assorted hardware



If you would like to view a video that gives a detailed demonstration of the SquatFit , you can find it here: The SquatFit 


The  SquatFit™  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,456,620




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