Transport System





The Transport System is an open-sided dolly that straps can be placed through to hold an item securely. The tensioning device keeps the strap snug, and the four wheels rotate 360º for easy movement.

Multiple devices may be used for large, heavy items, and moving appliances, furniture or other bulky things will be easier. The Transport System can be used by anyone, and users will be amazed at how many ways this dolly can be implemented.



Special features

  • Small, sturdy dolly
  • Straps fed through the device and over object
  • Straps held in place with securing device
  • Multiple devices may be used
  • Large items moved easily
  • Bulky items moved easily
  • Prevents injuries from lifting heavy objects
  • Use anywhere – home, garage, patio, deck
  • Used for moving furniture and appliances
  • Wheels move 360º
  • Moving heavy items made easier
  • Unlimited uses in any location
  • Simple to use and store




The Transport System is a wheeled platform that can be used for moving heavy items. The open-sided construction enables securing straps to be threaded through the device and over the object. The straps are secured with a tightening device inside the dolly, and a quick-release feature is included.

The two-piece platform is constructed of wood, or other sturdy material, with a space between for placing straps. As the tightening bolt is turned, the top moves upward and presses against the strap, keeping it secure. The quick-release makes it simple to undo the straps when finished.

The wheels on the bottom of the platform turn in all directions, so moving the heavy load around corners, and across floors is quick and easy. Multiple devices may be used for moving very large objects.

The Transport System can be used in the home to move furniture, bookcases, and other large items, on the patio or deck to move tables or large plants, and in the office to move file cabinets or desks. There are an unlimited number of uses for this simple device, and everyone in a home or office will enjoy the benefits of having this dolly on hand.



Materials needed to produce the Transport System™:

  • Wood Panels
  • Tightening screw
    • Flat top
  • Wheels (4)
  • Assorted hardware





The Transport System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,628,097




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