Table Seam Stitch Ripper™



With a global arts and crafts market of over $43 billion as of 2021, it is no surprise that crafts are widely used. This market ranges from fun craft projects for children to sewing designer dresses for the runway. A portion of this market is dedicated to the sewing and quilting realm where thread and fabric is used to create a variety of products from quilts to pillows to linens to clothing and more. Sometimes when people are sewing or quilting, they make errors where they have to rip out seams and stitches. The Table Seam Stitch Ripper™ seeks to challenge the industry with providing an incredibly useful tool to remove seams and stitches.

The Table Seam Stitch Ripper™ is the quickest and easiest way to rip out seams and stitches from fabric. Typically ripping seams and stitches out of fabric can be a long and tedious process due to the market mainly having hand seam rippers available to use. The Table Seam Stitch Ripper™ is a device that removes seams and stitches in a hands free way where users can hold the fabric with both hands while performing the task. This allows users to quickly rip the seams and stitches in a safe way compared to the typical long task of ripping them with the fabric in one hand and the seam ripper in the other.



Special features

  • Allows seams and stitches to be quickly and easily removed
  • Hands free- allows users to hold fabric with both hands
  • Saves users time and effort from using traditional methods
  • Offers a safer method to removing seams and stitches
  • Can be moved and used on any smooth surface
  • Lightweight and practical design
  • Cost efficient design
  • High quality, durable materials
  • Simple manufacturing process




The Table Seam Stitch Ripper™ is the perfect addition to any crafter’s set of tools. The Table  Seam Stitch Ripper™ is a seam and stitch ripping assembly for hands free seam and stitch ripping includes a base that is able to be positioned on a support surface. The base is rounded and is elongated along a longitudinal axis such that the base has an ovoid shape. Additionally, the base has a prominence extending upwardly. A gripping pad is coupled to the base, and the gripping pad is comprised of an adhesive material to inhibit the base from sliding on the support surface. A seam/stitch ripper is pivotally coupled to the base. The seam/stitch ripper is positioned to extend upwardly  from the base. In this way the seam/stitch ripper can rip seams or stitches without being held by the user. The seam/stitch ripper contains a sharp blade that is replaceable.

The inventor has stated “I found removing stitches to be cumbersome and time consuming. This inspired me to develop a device that would allow stitches to be more easily removed from an array of items.” Many other crafters feel the same way, but most crafters have had to learn to get used to the handheld tools available on the market. The Table Seam Stitch Ripper™ challenges this approach by offering a hands-free method to remove seams and stitches quickly and easily.

The key feature of the Table Seam Stitch Ripper™ is its ability for users to rip seams and stitches hands-free. There are a variety of design features that allow this to occur. First,  the device contains a large, plastic, oval-shaped base that can be placed on a variety of smooth surfaces versus being a small handheld tool. It is lightweight allowing users to easily lift and move the device wherever they need to place it. This base has a gripping pad attached to the bottom of it allowing people to use the device without it moving around. The screw in the side of the device allows the blade to be secured when inserted. Finally, the seam/stitch ripper has a replaceable blade allowing users to ensure they always have a sharp blade to rip their fabric with along with not having to worry about replacing the device each time the blade gets dull.

The way the Table Seam Stitch Ripper™ is used is first the user places the device on a smooth  surface. Then the user finds where the seams and/or stitches are that need to be ripped. Once those are found, users use both hands to hold the fabric and position in over the seam/stitch ripper blade on the device. Users then drag the fabric over the seam/stitch ripper to remove the seams or stitches quickly and easily. This motion allows users to use the full force of both arms to pull the fabric through versus just one of their hands. This is great for elderly users whose strength may not be what is once was. It is also a much safer method where users can use both hands and easily position over the device versus having to constantly maneuver their hands to avoid poking themselves with the current seam/stitch ripper tools available on the market

Materials needed to produce the Table Seam Stitch Ripper:

  • Plastic, oval-shaped base
  • Gripping pad
  • Adhesive to attach gripping pad to base
  • Metal hook



The Table Seam Stitch Ripper™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,116,268




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