Ultrasound Guided Central Venous Catheter Kit™



The Ultrasound Guided CVC Kit™ is a kit that contains standard CVC components, in addition to an ultrasound gel pack, a guide wire gripper, and a needle localizing device. These added components enhance the performance of medical personnel when inserting a central vein catheter, resulting in a better procedure.

The wire gripper provides a secure grip on the guide wire, even as it can be slippery, and the needle localizing device will assist in finding the right placement. Medical personnel will appreciate the expanded tool kit and procedures will be performed in a shorter amount of time.



Special features

  • Enhanced CVC kit
  • Improved procedure performance
  • Uses ultrasound guidance
  • Expedites control
  • Quickens procedure
  • Improves accuracy
  • Non-slip guide wire gripper
  • Needle localizing device
  • Ultrasound scanning gel
  • Convenient and complete kit



The Ultrasound Guided CVC Kit™ is an improved version of a standard CVC kit. It contains a variety of the same components plus some additional devices, including scanning gel, a needle localizing device, and a non-slip gripper for the guide wire. This kit provides medical personnel with all of the equipment needed to perform a better catheterization procedure, especially when using ultrasound.

Scanning gel is needed to produce images from ultrasound. This helps medical personnel to locate veins and other structures, such as arteries, nerves, muscles, etc.

The needle localizing device is used to locate the large vein that is needed for the procedure. It quickly finds the correct path for needle placement to assist the catheterization process and provides the best options for an optimal outcome.

The non-slip gripper is a textured gripping device for the guide wire. Occasionally, fingers and guide wires get coated with gel, making them slippery. The guide wire may be hard to hold. This new device provides a gripping surface for the wire, and comfortable placement of fingers for the utmost control of the guide wire, making the procedure go smoothly and quickly.

The Ultrasound Guided CVC Kit™ is a complete kit for the CVC procedure. No time is lost from having to search for the correct location, identify the vein, or chasing a slippery guide wire. Each procedure is completed with ease and in a timely manner, improving the experience for the patient and the medical personnel.




Materials needed to produce the Ultrasound Guided CVC Kit™:

  • Ultrasound scanning gel
  • Rubber band
  • Transducer cover
  • Tissue dilator
  • Introducer needle/syringe
  • Injection needle/syringe
  • Indwelling catheter
  • Spring-wire guide
  • Catheter assembly
  • Needle holder
  • Safety scalpel
  • Applicator device
  • Catheter clamp and fastener
  • Wire gripping device
  • Needle localizing device
  • Lidocaine solution



The Ultrasound Guided CVC Kit™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,277,417














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