The TIME WILL TELL™ is a timepiece (watch or clock) that presents images to display time. Two or three discs, with puzzle-like picture elements, rotate like the hands of a clock and align at regular intervals to form a visual image.

These images can be photos, puzzles, sports logos, themed scenes, or anything else imaginable. Themes can represent advertising for anything, such as professional sports, political promotions, family events, holidays, etc. Discs rotate and align to form recognizable images hourly; discrete markers on the disks continually indicate accurate time. These watches (or clocks) can become advertising media and collectibles to be worn by many people.




Special features

  • Analog timepiece
  • No hour or minute hands, second hand optional
  • Rotating disks tell time
  • Printed disks (designs, shapes, pictures)
  • Images align at pre-determined time intervals
  • Constantly changing kaleidoscope effect
  • Time-telling unconventional, but easily learned
  • Customizable for personal photos
  • Sports promotional item
  • Advertising promotional item
  • Collectible memorabilia
  • Unique gift idea





The TIME WILL TELL™ timepiece converts a traditional watch into a promotional, personal billboard with moving components combining to form colorful pictures and/or messages for advertising purposes. It is a wearable, fashionable wristwatch which combines the components of any image in a kaleidoscopic manner, while displaying accurate time.


TIME WILL TELL™ – How it works:

 The TIME WILL TELL™ timepiece utilizes a standard analog clock works, the driving mechanism, or some variation thereof.

The unique design does not make use of conventional clock/watch hands.

The image/message displays will repeatedly become vividly clear and colorfully alive throughout the day.

Throughout the movement uniting the components to form the image, strategically positioned markers will indicate accurate time. The image will slowly form and then slowly dissipate on its path to a repeat appearance twenty-four hours a day.

This kaleidoscopic approach to time-telling is primarily designed to strengthen the viewer’s allegiance to the product/logo being displayed. The telling of accurate time is considered a welcome bonus and establishes a real conventional purpose for the device.

The telling of time can be accomplished through frequent observation of the moving parts. This may take some time, but as the parts are in an ever-repeating, predictable pattern, it is accomplishable.

Markers, indicating minutes and hours, are found at the very top of the disks at the noon/midnight position – locate them, observe their separation, and thereby, tell time.

The telling of time can be somewhat of a puzzle known only by the owner. The image will mysteriously appear and disappear to the viewer’s delight. When aligned, it is sharp and memorable.


Materials needed to produce the TIME WILL TELL™:

  • Analog clock-works
  • Driving mechanism
  • Patterned disks
    • Picture
    • Logo
    • Message
  • Watch body
  • Clock body



The TIME WILL TELL™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: #10,037,007
















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