NAF Pump™



The NAF Pump™ is a pump and sequencer system that is used to administer multiple medicines slowly over a period of time through a central line, such as a PIC line. Multiple pumps work in conjunction with the sequencer to flush out the line after the medicine is administered. Saline solution and Heparin are also administered through the line to clean and prevent clotting.

The sequencer is attached to three or more syringes, a 50 ml (or larger) syringe for medicines, and multiple 10ml syringes for the saline solution and Heparin. Saline must be administered after each treatment medication, antibiotic and/or antibacterial medication. Precision sized tubing controls the flow. After the first medicine is completely administered, the chamber inside the sequencer allows the saline solution through to clean the line before another medication is used. Heparin is administered after all medications and saline solutions are finished.



Special features

  • Easy administering of multiple medications through central line
  • No changing connections for cleaning
  • Medicine, saline solution and Heparin are administered in continuous method
  • Less access to line reduces risk of infection/contamination of central line
  • Flow controlled by size of tubing
  • Pumps are compact, portable and reusable
  • No interrupted sleep/rest for patient or caregivers
  • Reduces caretaker error
  • Syringes, tubing, and sequencer are completely disposable
  • Great for using for chronically ill patients
  • Central line stays clean-no reinserting
  • No battery, no electrical components
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient
  • Safe for patients




The NAF Pump™ is a new way to easily administer  IV medications to a patient through a central access line. It is comprised of one or more 50ml (or larger) syringe pumps, two or more 10ml syringe pumps, and a sequencer. The pumps are small, compact and portable. The sequencer can be made of molded plastic and is disposable.


Medication is placed into the 50ml (or larger) syringe, and the smaller ones contain the saline and Heparin.  When attached to the sequencer, each syringe is emptied, one at a time, in the correct sequence: medication, saline, next medication, saline, and then Heparin at the end. Since this may take an extended amount of time, the NAF Pump™ can do this automatically, and the caregiver does not have to wait around to attach the additional syringes to complete the process. This makes taking care of chronically ill patients at home much easier, allowing the caregiver and patient time to rest. In addition, it reduces the number of times the line needs to be accessed. Thus, minimizing the risk of line contamination.

Precision sized tubing regulates the flow, and the gas springs in the pumps keep steady pressure on the syringes for uninterrupted flow. Inside the sequencer are chambers that contain valves that are larger on one end and smaller on the other. As the liquid from the first syringe flows through the sequencer, it creates pressure on the valve at the larger end. At the same time, the liquid from the second is placing pressure on the smaller end. As the first liquid depletes, the valve moves forward, creating a path for the second liquid to flow. The same process is repeated for the next syringe. When all syringes are empty, the assembly may be disconnected and thrown away.

Although the NAF Pump™ was created for chronically ill patients to receive IV treatments at home, any hospital, or long-term care facility will appreciate the convenience of this new invention.



See video demonstration:

Materials needed to produce the NAF Pump™:

  • Pump
    • Case
    • Gas spring
    • Plunger
    • Pressurized nitrogen
    • 2 sizes (50ml, 10ml)
  • Sequencer
    • Molded plastic
    • 4 attachment nozzles
    • 2 valve chambers
    • 2 poppets
  • Tubing
    • Precision sized
    • Existing product
  • Attaching Components


The NAF Pump™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,981,082















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