Pro Headrest™


This prospectus will introduce the Pro Headrest™, a newly patented technology available for licensing.  The Pro Headrest™ is a car accessory that make traveling by car or van more comfortable. It is a headrest that contains a pillow to use when tired. The pillow is concealed inside the headrest, and can swivel out for use. When not in use, the pillow swivels back around and becomes a conventional headrest again.

This is a convenient accessory for travelers who drive long distances and stop for a nap or a rest during the trip. Extra pillows are not needed, leaving more room in the vehicle. The soft, memory foam pillow is easily accessible for sleeping while riding in a vehicle. This will come in handy for business trips, family vacations, and other traveling.





Special features

  • Design similar to conventional headrest
  • Works like a conventional headrest
  • One side headrest fabric
  • One side memory foam pillow
  • Concealed pillow for sleeping
  • Easily pivots for pillow use
  • Softer surface for sleeping while in car
  • Can be manufactured for any vehicle
  • Variety of colors, fabrics and designs
  • Replaces conventional headrests
  • Great for traveling by car or van




The Pro Headrest™ is a new car accessory for people who drive long distances and like to travel by car. The headrest is dual-purpose; it functions as a regular headrest, but then can become a pillow for sleeping. This is a convenient way to rest in the car during long drives.

The headrest housing contains a two-sided center that can swivel to be used for different things. One side is a conventional headrest made of fabric and formed to provide the function of a headrest, and the other side is a memory foam pillow that is soft and comfortable, and will allow the user to sleep.

The Pro Headrest™ can be purchased as a single unit, and can replace any current headrest in a vehicle. A variety of styles, colors, fabrics and sizes will be available to accommodate all users. This convenient accessory will be appreciated by all people who travel long distances on the road.


Materials needed to produce the Pro Headrest™:

  • Headrest housing
  • Engagement pin
  • Handle lever
  • Swivel rod
  • Foam headrest
  • Memory foam pillow
  • Covers
  • Seal
  • Support bars



The Pro Headrest™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,099,591














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