Auto Start Plus™






The Auto Start Plus™ is an electronic system that will activate an existing remote start for an automobile, while at the same time, start an appliance, such as a coffee maker, radio, or television. While the car is warming up, the user can grab a cup of coffee, watch the news or listen to some music.

Time is saved by multi-tasking events that can sometimes delay a timely departure. A specific start time can be programmed into the Auto Start Plus™, so one or more items may be started at once. This is a convenient product that will enhance the user’s experience, and allow the user time to complete all other tasks.




Special features

  • Automatic starting of automobile and an appliance at the same time
  • Works with existing remote start
  • Automobile will not shut off too early
  • Can be programmed to start heater/defroster in the winter
  • Can be programmed to start air conditioner in the summer
  • Appliance plugs into base
  • Programmable start time and stop time
  • Hands-free operation
  • Easier to remember to warm up vehicle
  • Complete other tasks while warming up vehicle






The Auto Start Plus™ is a timing device that can activate a remote start for a vehicle and simultaneously start a coffee pot, turn on a television or start another appliance that is connected. Timing can be programmed for a start time and an end time, and can be done manually or with a remote. The device can be charged at any time by plugging it in to an outlet. It can sit on a table or counter for easy access.

By activating a vehicle’s remote start, the user does not have to go out in the cold or rain to start a car. By having another appliance started at the same time, the smell of brewing coffee or the sound of the television reminds the user that the car is warming up and will warmed up and ready when it’s time to go.

Materials needed to produce the Auto Start Plus™:

  • Molded base
  • Electronic communication software
  • Remote
  • Telecommunication wires
  • Plug-In Outlet (s)


The Auto Start Plus™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,189,442













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