Air Flare™





The Air Flare™ is a multifunction emergency kit that is specially designed for use when traveling or outdoor activity.

How to Use the Air Flare™:

Place the Air Flare™ in an easily accessible area of the car, motorcycle, bicycle or boat, or in camping or hiking gear. If the user has car or boat trouble or gets lost or injured on a hiking or biking excursion, they could simply remove the Air Flare™ from its storage place and open the case. By twisting the helium canister valve, air is released. The user would then depress the inflator button and deploy the distress balloon. Helium begins filling the attached balloon and the pressure of the air releases it from the helium cartridge, into the air. The end of the Para cord that is tethered to the mouth of the balloon constricts the opening to capture the air inside, while the opposite end remains attached within the case. As the balloon floats above, the user can simply wait for rescue. Additionally, at night the user may also choose to break one or both of the glow sticks to create a neon beacon to attract the attention of approaching motorists or rescuers.



Special features

  • Helps individuals avoid the risk of extended exposure to the elements or other dangers
  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • After unit is deployed it may be easily reassembled and ready for use when needed again
  • Simple and effective method for obtaining help when lost or in need of assistance
  • Compactly packaged within a durable case
  • Sends out distress signal in a matter of seconds
  • Bright, neon balloon floating in mid-air can be easily seen from the ground or air
  • Flashing LED lights and radar deflecting capabilities
  • Increases chances of being found by first responders
  • Does not require electronic connections to work



Materials needed to produce the Air Flare™:

  • Case
    • Plastic
    • Flap-like opening
    • Snap fastener
    •  Flashing LED
  • Inflatable balloon
    • Heavy gage
    • 18” inflated
    • Canvas or mylar
      • bright orange or neon
  • Helium cartridge
      • 4” x 1”
  • Nylon Para cord
    • 100’
  • Adjustable air valve
  • Button mechanism
  • Internal battery source
  • 2 Neon glow sticks
  • Dimensions:
    • Height – 11”
    • Width – 7”



The Air Flare™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 7,886,682














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