The Collectibarn™ is a storage facility that will accommodate different types of assets,such as vintage cars, motorcycles, watercraft, small planes, campers, etc. Each individual unit inside the facility is temperature and humidity controlled. Preservation and extension of useful life of large, valuable assets is the primary function of this new storage facility.

Each stall (or unit) is completely sealed, has modular walls for changing the size, and settings are controlled by the asset owner. Owners with expensive cars, vintage vehicles and other large, valuable, mechanical assets will appreciate the safe storage and preservation aspects of the Collectibarn™.



Special features

  • Multi asset storage and preservation system
  • Spaces sealed for ideal climate and atmosphere maintenance
  • Temperature and humidity are individually controlled for each unit
  • Modular walls of each space are extendable and retractable for custom sizing
  • Lighting, humidity, oxygen, nitrogen, CO2 and other levels controlled by owner for each space
  • Stores vehicles, campers, watercraft, small planes and other mechanical assets
  • Security monitors and diagnostic data analyzers alert owners to problems with wellness of assets
  • Remotely controlled and monitored administration of oxygen and other preservative gases
  • Anytime access for owners to work on vehicles
  • Protects assets from weather, rodents, vandalism, and other damaging situations




The Collectibarn™ is a storage facility that can contain different types and sizes of vehicles in one location. This system for storage and preservation of mechanical assets, which may include collectible automobiles, small airplanes, and watercraft, is comprised of modular walls, sealed units, preservation equipment and elements, and owner-controlled monitoring of the unit atmosphere.


The modular walls may be moved to fit different sizes of vehicles, and each proportioned space includes a seal. Inside each space are monitors, cameras, detectors, sensors, a thermometer, gauges, and other miscellaneous items to assess the atmosphere inside the space. Computer software and a communication system are also included for the purpose of monitoring and adjusting the preservation components as needed. The asset owner remotely controls the atmospheric conditions inside each space to prevent damages and protect all possessions for the optimal extension of useful life.



Classic car collectors may desire a Collectibarn™ of their own on their property. This may be accomplished by either transforming an existing structure or creating a new one. Race cars may be stored in a Collectibarn™ and worked on when preparing for a race. Antiques, family heirlooms, clocks, vehicles, furniture and other miscellaneous items will be better protected in this type of storage facility, preventing mold, rust and other damaging situations.


One storage unit may have one or two floors of modular spaces, and will accommodate all types and sizes of items. Each space rented or sold will offer better protection and preservation of the owners’ prized possessions.


Materials needed to produce the Collectibarn™:

  • Basic storage structure
    • Modular walls
      • Extendable and retractable
      • Sealing system
  • Wide entryways
  • Single level or multiple levels
  • Elevator (multi-level only)
  • Large access doors to each space
  • Locking and security system for each space
  • Monitoring equipment
  • Preservation components
    • Gases (including oxygen)
    • Regulators
    • Thermometers
    • Lights
  • Computer system
  • Diagnostic system
  • Electronic communication system
  • Alarm system
  • Remote controls
  • Customized accessories
    • Mats
    • Tables
    • Cabinets


The Collectibarn™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,869,083











The Collectibarn™ is also covered by United States Utility Patent8,740,099












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