Rocky Dump Lock




The Rocky Dump Lock is a semi-automatic, vertical lock for keeping a dump truck’s tailgate from opening and spilling contents while the truck is moving. The lock works with the original locking system of the truck.

The lock is attached to the tailgate and the box bed, rests on the tailgate latch, preventing the tailgate from opening accidentally while moving. This lessens the chances of contents spilling on the road, which could cause traffic obstructions and accidents


Special features

  • Semi-automatic locking device
  • Prevents tailgate hook from opening
  • Prevents truck contents from spilling onto roadway
  • Vertically mounted above the original tailgate latch
  • Locks hook in place until ready to unload
  • Efficient locking system
  • Can be locked and unlocked from cab with the original pneumatic locking system
  • Easy to operate
  • Heavy-duty construction for use on any dump truck



The Rocky Dump Lock is a secondary locking device used to secure a dump truck tailgate. The lock is installed vertically above the lock, and consists of a double lock, a follower, and a return spring. The device is installed vertically above the tailgate latch, and when the original locking system fails, the Rocky Dump Lock prevents it from opening.

The Rocky Dump Lock contains a double locking system; one by using a pin located in the top of the lock, and one using the latch above it as a back-up, in case of a jam. A device is placed on both sides of the truck bed, and can be operated with the existing lock system.

This product is designed to avoid possible error and negligence of the driver, who may forget to use other established products on the market. Driver has to make actual contact to engage such products, while the Rocky Dump Lock is contact-free every time, therefore preventing accidents.

The Rocky Dump Lock will be sold as a set of two, are made of steel, which is welded to the truck bed, or heavy-duty aluminum, which is attached with nuts and bolts, and will work on any dump truck.






Materials needed to produce the Rocky Dump Lock:

  • Metal
    • Heavy duty
    • Squares
    • Angles
  • Metal square beam
  • Round bars
  • Compression spring
  • Metal pin
  • Assorted hardware




Here you can view a demo of the Rocky Dump Lock




The Rocky Dump Lock is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,926,686







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