Golf Tee Setter™ (GTS™)



The GTS™ provides a simple tool that can improve each golfer’s drive by ensuring consistent tee height. It also speeds up play on the green with its convenient ball marker/divot repair tool. The GTS™ includes a non-activated distance display screen. To use the distance display wireless (Bluetooth) is activated and linked to the user’s smartphone app.





Special features

  • Consistent Tee height
  • Convenient
  • Height may be easily measured and adjusted to golfer’s “best drive” height
  • Tip on the divot repair tool allows golfer to “set it and forget it”
  • Saves money on Tee costs
  • Easily retrieved from pocket
  • Speeds up play
  • Can help improve each golfer’s drive
  • Works well with any USGA approved tee, including the least expensive
  • Easy to use display of distance
  • May be purchased as the basic unit (which includes a non-activated distance display screen) or marketed with the screen activated to provide distances to the upcoming green, using the wireless (Bluetooth) interface to a Smartphone app.
  • Helps keep grip dry on the green
  • Magnet on end of GTS™ easily picks up ball marker
  • Display could easily be used to advertise for outings or personalized for a promotional gift








Materials needed to produce the GTS™:

  • Cylindrical housing
    • Wood or plastic material
    • Cavity in bottom surface
    • Cavity in top surface
      • Magnet
    • Recessed area on one side
      • Magnet
  • Screw shaft
    • Adjustable screw
  • Ball marker
    • Metal
  • Divot repair tool
    • Metal
  • Wireless capability (activation optional)
    • Display
      • LCD screen
    • Control buttons
    • Input device (e.g. Smartphone app)
    • Microcontroller
    • Battery


The GTS™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,951,149






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