Greene Machine Super Sifter™





The Greene Machine Super Sifter™ sifts soil on two different screens to remove all debris. Rocks, twigs and other items can easily be removed, and the smooth soil can be used for planting or landscaping.

The Greene Machine Super Sifter™ is a great landscaping tool, a sifter for cleaning sand boxes, a sifter for archaeological digs, and has many other uses. Anyone who purchases this new sifter will find multiple ways to use it.




Special features

  • Sifts soil, sand and other landscape materials
  • Processes large amounts at one time
  • Multiple uses for homeowners
  • Debris caught on screen mesh
  • Cleaned soil can be caught in tub beneath sifter
  • Industrial size for large jobs
  • Multiple uses for commercial market
  • Interchangeable screens in different space sizes
  • Durable frame and screens
  • Foldable for storage
  • Affordable





The Greene Machine Super Sifter™ is a soil sifter that cleans soil of debris such as rocks, twigs, clumps, and other items (pop-top tabs, cigarette butts, etc.). The cleaned soil may be sifted multiple times, depending on which size screens are used. The smaller the mesh opening size, the more debris will be removed.

As soil, sand or other material is placed on the top screen, it is moved over the mesh and falls through to the second screen. The second screen, generally with smaller mesh openings, catches additional debris as the material falls through. Debris of all sizes is removed by using two different-sized screen openings. One screen may be used, if desired.

The durable frame is constructed of poly plastic, but other suitable, less expensive framing material may be used. The frame is available in two sizes, a smaller one for consumer use (homeowners) and a larger one for commercial use. Both sizes provide a larger area for sifting than currently available sifters.

The Greene Machine Super Sifter™ does not use electricity, so it may be placed anywhere for use, even out in the middle of a field. Wheels make it portable, and it fold for convenient storage. Bags of soil may be cleaned this way, removing bits of mulch and twigs that were included. Parents may want to clean sandboxes, removing unwanted items. Colleges may have one on hand for Geology and Archaeology departments to use in the field. Many uses are possible for using the Greene Machine Super Sifter™.



Materials needed to produce the Greene Machine Super Sifter™:

  • Frame
    • Poly plastic
    • Other frame material
    • Multiple sizes
  • Screen mesh
    • Varying sizes
  • Wheels
  • Hardware
  • Paint



The Greene Machine Super Sifter™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,173,245















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