Smart-Gun Systems and Methods™





Countless devices today are securely controlled and or monitored remotely via the Internet and related paths. A person can reliably and remotely summons their car, open or close a garage door, unlock their home, and adjust the temperature of their home. One can play music in multiple zones inside their home or remote structures. Adjust the temperature of their hot tub. Turn lights on or off. Etc.


A simple voice command can control an ever-growing list of items.


An embodiment of the Smart Gun Systems and Methods is the next logical step, given the technologies refined over the last decades, in providing weapons that are immune to unauthorized use yet can be readily accessed and used by an authorized user.








Special Features

  • Improves Safety
  • Doesn’t Sacrifice Firearm Usability
  • Prevents Firearm Use Without Proper Authorization
  • Allows For the Geo-Tracking of a Firearm



The Smart-Gun Systems and Methods™ allow firearms to be locked or enabled (unlocked) via numerous “paths,” including cell phone via Bluetooth, PC via the web, cell towers, infrared, voice, UHF, VHF, and satellite.

This portfolio of 6 patents broadly covers smart guns and smart gun systems that improve safety for users and others without unreasonably sacrificing the usability of firearms by modifying the functionality of firearms based on authorized user, location, time, and other factors.

Smart guns would require “enablement” by an authorized user to fire. Non-enabled smart guns are not fireable and, thus, would not be usable by children or any non-authorized individual. Any stolen smart gun would be unfireable and traceable.

The Smart-Gun Systems and Methods™ patents cover not only handguns and other simple weapons but other weapons used by the military and police.

In further embodiments, a smart gun can comprise a rifle, pistol, shotgun, machine gun, submachine gun, paintball gun, pellet gun, or the like. Additionally, any suitable weaponry can be associated with a smart-gun system, including a rocket launcher, rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) launcher, mortar, cannon, heavy machine gun, Gatling gun, or the like. Such guns or weapons can be handheld, ground-based, mounted on vehicles, drones, or the like.

Product Specifications

It is important to call out that listing all possible embodiments of this methodology would be impossible.

Each of the weapons mentioned above or weapon systems can be protected, tracked, and activated or inactivated via:


  • Voice command
  • Bluetooth
  • The Web
  • Cell tower transmission
  • Infrared
  • UHF and VHF
  • Satellite


Considering the weapons mentioned above and all of the electronic paths to control those weapons systems, the possible specific embodiments of this technology are vast. The financial discussion below represents a single possible embodiment of the methodology and is for example purposes only.

Existing weapons and weapons systems could be enhanced to leverage the technology in Smart-Gun Systems and Methods™. Also, entirely new products could be imagined to use this technology.


The Smart-Gun Systems and Methods™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,260,830



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