Polygonal Swing Assembly



The patented designs for the Polygonal Swing Assembly, architecture, and mechanical applications introduce new and innovative concepts to the playground equipment and manufacturing industry. The structures and design possibilities encourage play by offering a completely different, fun and unique experience like no other.




Special features

  • Encourages play
  • Offers a completely different, fun and unique experience
  • Adds new play dimension to standard swing
  • Encourages groups of children to play together
  • Promotes social and interactive play
  • Optimizes the child’s experience and enjoyment
  • Provides optimal safety
  • Base rotates similar to a merry-go-round
  • Resistance devices such as springs, enable the swing assembly to rock, shift, sway and bounce
  • May include accessibility features for persons with disabi



  • Swings configurations (1 to 3 or more)
  • Vertical beams
  • Horizontal beams
  • Outer wing structures
  • Overhead beams
  • Center support
  • Standing platforms
  • Handles
  • Base
    • Polygonal shape (3 or more sides)
  • Rotating assembly (optional)
    • Speed governor
    • Gear assembly
  • Elastic resistance devices (optional)
    • Spring or
    • Hydraulic action
  • Ceiling structure (optional)
    • Ladder/steps
    • Barrier structure
  • Accessibility for disabled (optional)
    • Foldable ramp
    • Sliding ramp
    • Restraint system

The  Polygonal Swing Assembly is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,403,098













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