Long Haul EnergyTM




Long Haul EnergyTM is a method for making food and drink products such as bread and energy drinks by using black bean and certain other legume flours. A variety of products would be created using this method such as a low-sugar kids’ nutritional drink (Liquid Nutrition), a complex-carb endurance drink, a heart-healthy pasta, a heart-healthy bread, and much more.

Legumes are higher in protein and complex carbohydrates than wheat or rice, have a relatively low glycemic index, generally provide more long-term energy in food products than wheat- or rice- based products alone, and can partially or wholly substitute for wheat and rice. The CDC found the obesity rate in Americans is 42.4% and continuing to increase. With many Americans making health a priority and the high obesity rates, these legume-based products could significantly shift people in a much healthier direction with their diets.



Special features

  • Unique design utilizing legumes to make products
  • Cost-effective design
  • Great-tasting flavors
  • Provides long-lasting energy through slow-acting complex carbohydrates
  • Has high protein and fiber content
  • Relatively low glycemic index to optimize blood sugar
  • Helps reduce the effects of the stress hormone cortisol
  • Contains many polyphenols that have positive antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-viral, cardiovascular, and other effects
  • Helps with regulating insulin and leptin levels
  • Optimizes cellular energy utilization
  • Greatly reduces flatulence-causing resistant starches
  • Deactivates hemagglutinating lectins




There are a variety of products that will be produced from Long Haul EnergyTM. The food and drink products will be produced using milled anthocyanin-rich legumes from the Fabaceae family. These legumes contain many great qualities such as long-lasting energy through slow-acting complex carbohydrates, high protein and fiber content, and a low glycemic index. There are four main product areas of focus using this legume method including: a low-sugar kids’ nutritional drink (Liquid Nutrition), a complex-carb endurance drink, a heart-healthy pasta, a heart-healthy bread, and much more.

The low-sugar nutritional drink for kids is low in sugar while focusing on packing in liquid nutrition using complex carbs. This drink is plant-based to enhance the nutritional benefits such as being high in fiber. The drink provides the nutrition need to promote growth along with long-lasting energy without the typical sugar crash associated with typical kid drinks like a fruit juice. Kids love this product with the tasty fruit and other flavors to have with their meals or for a snack. Some of the  flavors kids can enjoy with their drink are strawberry, raspberry, and chocolate.

A complex-carb endurance drink would assist athletes young and old in workouts and athletic events. This is a refreshing, great-tasting, plant-based drink combining quick-burst sugars with slow-digesting complex carbohydrates to provide a quick-acting and sustained energy. This drink provides a great way to start the day along with a refreshing burst of energy in the middle of a workout session. It also has great fruity and other tastes like coffee and chocolate whereby people will be able to enjoy a drink knowing it is good for their bodies.

A variety of heart-healthy products such as bread and pasta will provide people everywhere a healthy choice for their meals. These heart-healthy products will be full of delicious flavors, great textures, and a variety of nutritional benefits. With its legume design, it contains fewer simple carbohydrates with a focus on more complex carbohydrates to promote sustained energy and balance blood sugar levels. Other nutritional benefits are low cholesterol, low sodium, high protein, high fiber, high calcium, and high potassium.

Materials needed to produce Long Haul EnergyTM:

  • Milled anthocyanin-rich legumes from the Fabaceae family (ex. black beans



The  Long Haul EnergyTM is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,779,546




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