Solar Powered Boiler Assembly™






The growing need for renewable energy has led to the invention of the Solar Powered Boiler Assembly™. Using solar energy, we can create pressurized steam by heating water. The steam is then routed through pipes to its destination.




Special features

  • Solar Powered
  • Dome Shape to contain condensation
  • In-Ground System
  • Environmentally-Friendly




The Solar Powered Boiler Assembly™ uses solar energy to generate steam and contains a bowl placed in the ground. A boiler is placed in the bowl, and the boiler has fluid. On the bowl, a removable dome is placed. A series of lenses span through the dome, each with its own exposure to sunlight. Each of the lenses directs sunlight onto the boiler, which heats it. A reflector is attached to the dome and is made of a light-reflecting material that is used to reflect sunlight onto the lenses. In this manner, the boiler generates steam by heating the fluid.

The dome has an outside surface and an outside edge. A pad will be placed horizontally beneath the ground, with a stiff upper surface. The bowl will be supported by several supports linked to and rising upwardly from the pad’s upper surface, with the perimeter edge of each support aligned with a ground surface. The Solar Powered Boiler Assembly™ was designed to prevent heat escaping from the boiler to the surrounding air, thereby greatly increasing the efficiency of heat generated by the sunlight to heat or boil the water injected into the boiler.  To trap as much light as possible to convert into heat, the boiler will be painted the blackest paint possible.

The inlet and outlet (or evacuation) conduits are made of a ceramic material.  Ceramic impedes heat flow so that material would help keep in the heat from escaping from the boiler into the conduits themselves but as steam through the pipes’ open pathways.

 Materials needed to produce the Solar Powered Boiler Assembly™:

  • Glass for the glass shell (bowl)
  • Iron or steel for boiler
  • Sand or concrete for the heat retention layers within the boiler
  • Ceramic for the boiler support inside the shell (bowl) and the inlet and outlet pipes.
  • Mirrors (reflective surfaces) for the inside surface of the shell and the above-ground bowl to redirect sunlight
  • Airtight value(s) to restrict air from getting into the device (shell)
  • Concrete for the device’s anchor



The Solar Powered Boiler Assembly™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,788,201




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