The SweatStop™ is an adapter that fits into an existing thermowell, as an extension, in a plumbing or HVAC piping system. The adapter creates a vapor barrier for gauges that are attached to brass and stainless-steel wells, eliminating condensation.

The SweatStop™ is made from PVC or other non-thermally conductive material, allows easy access to a thermometer or other gauges, prevents condensation from collecting on the outside of the thermometer well. This application will work for any sensors in any condensing application, and is easily adaptable for all other sensor wells.



Special features

  • Prevents condensation on gauges
  • Creates sealed vapor barrier
  • Use for brass or stainless-steel wells
  • Makes it easier to replace instruments
  • No foam or cork tape
  • Simple installation
  • Sealed with silicon caulk
  • Professional look



The SweatStop™ is a thermowell adapter that eliminates condensation on thermometers, gauges, and other instruments within a plumbing or HVAC system. The adapter is fitted over the well, sealed with silicone caulk and creates a thermal break between metallic thermowells and gauges outside the vapor barrier on insulation systems to avoid condensation outside of the insulation vapor barrier.

The SweatStop™ will be used as a main-stream component for mechanical piping projects requiring thermometers/sensors in chilled water systems, and can also be retrofit for existing systems with thermometers already in use. Two sizes are currently available, one for the standard 3.5” well, and a longer extension for a thermometer with a longer stem. Both sizes allow for more accurate and sensitive temperature readings. The SweatStop™ described in this prospectus is specific to this type of gauge and thermowell. It has 1 ¼” – 18 UNEF screw threads. This adapter may be made using different sizes and thread or connection types to match thermowells needing an extension.

The SweatStop™ is easier to use, presents a more professional look, and is simple to install in a new system or a system currently in use. Both applications provide a sealed vapor barrier, improve thermometer and other instrument performance, and will become a standard component in every plumber’s toolbox. The convenience and time-saving benefits of the SweatStop™ are sure to be recognized by professionals and do-it-yourselfers.




Materials needed to produce the SweatStop™:

  • PVC or other non-conductive material
    • Cut to size
    • Threaded
  • PVC couplers
  • Glue



The SweatStop™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,018,513
















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