Sporting Field Measurement System



The Sporting Field Measurement System is an app that is used for setting up a sport field with the correct measurements by using GPS instead of tape measures. This saves time, reduces the amount of people needed to chalk a field, and ensures accuracy.

This application works for any sport that is played on a field, and contains all regulated field measurements for all. Many schools, parks, boys’ and girls’ clubs, and even homeowners will benefit from using this new product. It simplifies the set-up of a sporting field, and the faster process eliminates wait times.



Special features

  • Easier measurement system for sport fields
  • Quicker marking process
  • Better accuracy
  • Regulation compliancy
  • Easy to use
  • Convenient measurement system
  • Uses GPS, not tape measures or strings
  • Can be done by one person
  • Great tool for schools, athletic organizations, and others






The Sporting Field Measurement System is an application that prompts a user to select, on a mobile device, a field for marking from various sporting field types including, but not limited to football, baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, track, tennis, basketball, cricket, polo, rugby, Australian football, volleyball, and badminton. The Global National Satellite System (GNSS) or at least the global positioning system (GPS) is used to locate a user’s device.

The application displays, on the mobile device, the dimensions of the specified sporting field as an overlay on a map, generated by the positioning system, and will communicate with the GNSS or GPS of the device to allow the user to track his or her movement along a specified path of a proposed field. This will allow the user to place the appropriate markers and/or paint the field. Deviations from the path may be indicated on the display of the mobile device or by an audio indication generated by the mobile device




The Sporting Field Measurement System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,466,051




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