Implement Attachment Device™



The Implement Attachment Device™ for tractors revolutionizes the process of connecting and disconnecting implements and tools to a tractor bucket, offering seamless functionality and enhanced efficiency for subcompact and compact tractors with buckets that are 48–72” in size. This innovative device facilitates swift and effortless attachment of various implements and tools, streamlining agricultural operations, landscaping tasks, and contractor sites to improve productivity in diverse settings.

The design of the Implement Attachment Device™ allows for a remarkably simple yet robust connection mechanism, enabling quick attachment and detachment of implements to the tractor bucket. The device’s engineering prioritizes user convenience, permitting easy and rapid switching of tools and implements with minimal effort. This feature not only saves valuable time but also enhances the versatility of the tractor, enabling farmers to adapt swiftly to varying tasks or changing agricultural, contracting, and landscaping needs.

The brilliance of the Implement Attachment Device™ lies in its user-friendly adaptability. It seamlessly connects and disconnects from the bucket itself, ensuring a hassle-free transition between different implements or tools. Moreover, while connected to the bucket, it boasts an ingenious mechanism that effortlessly shifts from a bottom use-ready position to a top stowed position in relation to the tractor bucket. This adaptable maneuverability ensures that the device remains conveniently out of the way when not in use, optimizing space and preventing interference during other operations or when navigating through confined spaces.

The device’s ergonomic design and engineering excellence cater to the demands of modern farming practices, contractor job sites, and landscaping operations. Its ability to facilitate rapid attachment and detachment, coupled with its adaptable positioning, offers farmers, contractors, and landscapers unprecedented flexibility and efficiency in handling implements and tools, thereby significantly enhancing the tractor’s functionality and the overall workflow from a subcompact or compact tractor without a removable bucket.






  • Effortless, quick attachment & detachment
  • Versatility in tool adaptability
  • User-friendly maneuverability
  • Space optimization & convenience




The Implement Attachment Device™ is ingeniously structured around a main receiver bar that serves as the central component of the system. This receiver bar forms the foundation, seamlessly connecting to two swing arms, which, in turn, attach to the sidewall of a tractor bucket.

 This configuration ensures a sturdy and reliable attachment mechanism for implements and tools to use on a removable bucket by attaching to the side of most manufactured OEM buckets so it will even fit the quick detach buckets between 48–72”. Additional add-on tools are an example of the versatility of the Implement Attachment Device™ and the crane to lift weight appropriate items like perlins and other building materials, landscape rake, grapevine pullers, a roller attachment for roads and driveways, and a trailer dolly for moving trailers around easily. All of these tools are quick-release

The functionality of this system is fortified by the integration of swing arms that pivot effortlessly, held securely in place by pivot pins and positioning pins. These swing arms play a substantial role in the adaptability and flexibility of the attachment device.

The positioning pins serve as the key to adjustability, allowing for swift modifications of the Implement Attachment Device™ position. By inserting the positioning pins into the top position hole, the device is stowed conveniently out of the way, while inserting them into the bottom position hole ensures the device is primed and ready for immediate use.

When adjustments are necessary, a straightforward process is employed. Removal of the positioning pin enables the reconfiguration of the swing arms, permitting up or down movement of the device’s positioning. This flexibility ensures ease of use and convenience, empowering users to swiftly adapt the attachment device to their specific needs and preferences.

Not only that but the Implement Attachment Device™ is designed with adaptability in mind, enabling it to accommodate various types of 48–72” tractor buckets. This adaptability is achieved through the incorporation of smaller swing arms that seamlessly slide into the open ends of the main receiver bar. This intelligent engineering allows for easy adjustments, ensuring a perfect fit for tractor buckets that are 48–72”.

Materials needed to produce the Implement Attachment Device™:

  • Main receiver bar
  • 2 swing arms
  • 4 32” forks
  • 2 pivot pins
  • 2 positioning pins
  • 2 stop pins



The Implement Attachment Device™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10538895



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