Shoulder Saver™


The Shoulder Saver™ is a gun stock recoil reducer for rifles and shotguns. It is attached to the stock body, contains springs that depress when force is applied, and absorb the recoil energy when the gun is fired.

The Shoulder Saver™ works better that the pads that just cover the end and cushion the recoil—it actually reduces the force of impact to the shoulder. This means that the rifle or shotgun can be used for an extended length of time without causing harmful damage to the user. It is the perfect accessory for a hunter or recreational shooter who uses rifles and shotguns.




Special Features

  • Works for all types of rifles and shotguns
  • Reduces recoil impact against a shoulder
  • Reduces pain and injuries from extended use
  • Reduces muzzle rise
  • Great for competitions and target practice
  • Great for hunting and recreational shooting
  • Simple design
  • Easy to use
  • Effective and affordable firearm accessory
  • Low cost to manufacture




The Shoulder Saver™ is a new accessory for a rifle or shotgun that reduces the recoil impact to the user’s shoulder. It attached to the end of the stock and has coiled springs inside that depress on impact, reducing the force of the recoil.

The Shoulder Saver™ is attached to the stock by screws and does not move when the gun is fired. Inside the invention, the rubber inside the structure absorbs the shock of the recoil, and the chamber allows movement of the springs inside without transferring the force to the body.

This is a great accessory for all firearm owners who shoot rifles and shotguns. The shock-absorbing function of the Shoulder Saver™ allows hunters, clay target shooters, and all other rifle and shotgun shooters to enjoy longer periods of use with their long guns without suffering shoulder pain and injury.


Materials needed to produce the Shoulder Saver™:

  • Studs
  • Springs
  • Lock nuts
  • Hard plastic plate
    • ¼” thick
  • Rubber
  • Attaching hardware



The Shoulder Saver™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: . 10,317,167














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