Inventors & IP Owners

Help For Inventors and Intellectual Property OwnersAs successful patent owners ourselves, we want help inventors and IP owners.  The team at BankOnIP “have been in your shoes:” We’ve seen the ups, the downs and many challenges the small entity faces when attempting to commercialize their IP. We fill a valuable niche. We are passionate about what we do how we do it. Our goal is to save our clients time and money by guiding them down the path of “least resistance” in realizing the potential returns of IP Ownership.

BankOnIP frees up valuable time and eliminates the big risks involved with proper commercialization strategies. New technology evolves every single day. BankOnIP is at the forefront of innovation, and it couldn’t be a more exciting time, as companies realize the vast amount of valuable IP that can be obtained from “small entities.” We are regarded as a premier firm with access to excellent IP opportunities.

Our goal is to help patent owners on the road to commercialization. We are one of the only true advocates for the small entity, in honor of our own roots of IP Ownership.

We work with individuals with a strong utility patent that’s been issued in the last 10 years. We have a performance based revenue sharing business model not only with our client partners but also with our staff. Each person within our company has a vested interest in the outcome of program and serving our clients.

We have a guarantee of services. If we can’t license or sell your technology we don’t think anyone can. We give our clients one year after we’ve worked on the technology and if they license or sell it when we could not, we will reimburse them every penny they spent with us. We have a vested interest in every project with we work on with our clients and if our clients don’t make money, then we don’t make money.