Exercise Ball Enhancer


The Exercise Ball Enhancer is an adjustable frame that fits over an exercise ball. The frame enables the ball, either large or small, to be used like a chair, with adjustable arms, back and legs, for a stable and comfortable fit.

The chair can be used for working at a desk, exercising, or for leisurely activities, such as reading or talking on the phone. The ball is easily released when the chair is not needed, and the frame may be stored away for later use.



Special features

  • Chair frame fits over an exercise ball
  • Easy to assemble and easy to use
  • Floor-based frame assembly
  • Moveable armrests and hand grips
  • Padded backrest for extra support
  • Durable construction made of high-grade materials
  • Provides comfortable chair for work, exercise or leisure
  • Small ball (75 cm or less) allows user’s feet to touch floor for low-impact exercises and leisure activity comfort
  • Large ball (85 cm or more) keeps user’s feet off floor for better exercise benefits and workout results
  • Extends time for using exercise ball
  • Stable device for exercising
  • Improves posture, balance and muscle tone
  • Safe and convenient exercise ball accessory





The Exercise Ball Enhancer stabilizes an exercise ball so that it can be used as a comfortable chair. The exercise ball chair comprises a back support, a left support, a right support, and a ball retainer. The ball retainer pivots between a ball retention position and a ball release position.

An exercise ball is placed in the Exercise Ball Enhancer such that the left support, the right support, and the ball retainer, in the ball retention position, capture the exercise ball and prevent it from rolling. A user may then sit on the exercise ball. A left adjustment knob and a right adjustment knob allow the ball retainer to be locked to prevent it from pivoting. With the adjustment knobs loosened, the ball retainer may be pivoted to the ball release position and the exercise ball may be removed.

While seated in the exercise ball chair, a user may perform seated-workout exercises, therapeutic exercises, enjoy leisurely activities, or safely work for long periods of time. The chair frame is adjustable, is sturdy and durable, and increases safety when using an exercise ball.

The Exercise Ball Enhancer can be manufactured with an adjustable or fixed frame, and made to fit small or large exercise balls.


Materials needed to produce the Exercise Ball Enhancer™:

  • Frame
    • Aluminium
  • Retention Bar
  • Padded Back Rest
  • Arm Rests
  • Hand Grips





The Exercise Ball Enhancer  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,512,336






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