The Catchpack™, which is available for licensing, uses patented pouch technology to provide a sports bag that adeptly addresses the unique needs of a catcher. Catchpack™ provides stowable gear pouches that house and carry a catcher’s mask, chest protector, catcher’s glove and shin guards.  At the same time, Catchpack™ is built so that it can meet all of a player’s gear needs in one, lightweight, easy-to-manage, reconfigurable backpack.



Special features

  • The most utility at the lowest price
  • Unique pack for all types of sports gear
  • Is reconfigurable to meet a multitude of varied needs
  • One Catchpack™ handles all of any player’s equipment
  • Outperforms volume carriers, providing a compact solution, delivering the greatest versatility
  • Lightweight and comfortable to wear
  • Catcher gear compartments have simple, easy access
  • Catcher gear pouches fold away and are unseen when not in use
  • Catcher gear pouches are attached to the pack
  • Breathable fabric allows effortless drying, greatly reducing bag and gear odor
  • Catchpack™ construction is exceptionally durable; fewer breakable parts such as wheels and telescoping handles
  • Convenient use for players of all ages
  • Scalable for players of all ages



The Catchpack™ is a backpack that holds sports equipment for players of various sports. Its design is especially helpful for catchers and players requiring additional equipment for game play. Catchpack™ offers dedicated, externally integrated storage solutions for catcher’s equipment, as well as provides a voluminous interior which will hold all of a player’s additional gear. Specifically, a chest protector is inserted into a pouch that fits between the player and the pack when stored. Shin guards fit into a dedicated pouch attached to the bottom of the pack.

The utility of the Catchpack™ is further enhanced as it allows for the storage of multiple helmets, gloves, and cleats, as well as all of the customary gear worn in the sport. This is particularly helpful for the player that plays multiple positions. Fully loaded, the Catchpack™ is lightweight, balanced and easy to carry. This formula will result in additional convenience and player satisfaction using a backpack-style sports bag. No one else has this complete solution in the marketplace.

Materials needed to produce the Catchpack™:

  • Pouch Fabric
    • Nylon
    • Waterproof
  • Neoprene
  • Hanging hooks
  • Nylon coil zippers
  • Hook and loop straps with tabs
  • Hanging strap or cord
  • Backing fabric
  • Rigid plastic platform
  • 1/16” foam padding
  • Cordura nylon
  • Nylon thread
  • 2mm thick Polypropylene
  • 2mm thick polyethylene
  • Acetate fabric


The  Catchpack™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,201,742














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