Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™



The Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™ is an energy conversion system with protective enclosures supported in a vertically-stacked configuration. These airfoil-shaped enclosures encompass multiple oppositely-rotating fluid turbines. Fluid directing structures (parallel slats) formed into the enclosure, direct fluid into and out of the enclosure, including through the turbines.

When the Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™ is placed into a moving fluid and is oriented in such a way that the moving fluid flows into the Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™ through the first spaces and out through the second spaces. The airfoil-shaped outer profile of the protective enclosing structure results in higher pressure areas of fluid being generated in front of the leading enclosure surface. It also results in higher pressure areas of fluid being generated within the Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™, between the leading end and the turbine mount. Lower pressure areas of fluid will be generated within the Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™ between the fluid mount and the trailing end and along the exterior of the trailing enclosure surface.






Special features

  • Electric power generating device usable in any moving fluid (wind or water).
  • All but eliminates deaths of wildlife (birds and bats for wind version, fish and water mammals for water version)
  • Protects turbine blades, generator and other components from debris
  • Doors on the front and/or rear surfaces can be fully open to fully closed, allowing the turbine to operate even in high winds
  • Generates more electric power for a given size than current devices
  • It is possible to convert at least 50% of energy to electricity
  • Can be readily adapted for use in water currents such as rivers and oceans
  • Smaller devices can generate the same amount of power as a large wind turbine
  • Since the Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™ can be stacked on a tower, they can be made sufficiently small for much easier transport
  • The water version of the Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™ floats in the water either due to positive buoyancy or wings, providing lift and is anchored to the river or ocean floor with cables
  • Can be raised or lowered from its operating position to the surface for upgrades and maintenance





Materials needed to produce the Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™:

  • Enclosure body
    • Airfoil-shaped
    • Parabolic in shape
    • Leading end
      • First spaces formed
    • Trailing end
      • Second spaces formed
    • Turbine mount
    • 2 Turbines
      • Oppositely rotating
    • Generator
    • Internal separator
      • Cowling
        • Flow-splitting nose
      • Chord line


The Turbine Airfoil-Shaped Enclosure™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,909,560












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