Get-A-Grip is a glove that allows users to attach their cell phone to the glove. The attachment device is on a track so the user can move their phone to the palm or back of the hand with ease. This will keep the cell phone from falling out of the users’ hands and allows for hands-free use.

Phone repairs and replacements can be costly. Get-A-Grip can help people save money on those costly repairs because it will prevent the phone from falling and breaking on impact. The fingerless glove can be made from leather or other glove materials and can be available in all colors.

Get-A-Grip is the only product of its kind!


Special features

  • Only product that attaches a phone to a glove
  • Track on glove allows user to move phone to palm and back of hand
  • Prevents phone from falling, resulting in less broken phones
  • Provides hands-free use
  • Dozens of color options



Get-A-Grip is a fingerless glove that can be made from leather or other heavy-duty glove material. The glove has a metal or plastic track on the outside that contains a mounting attachment.

The included mounting piece attaches to the cell phone easily. This attachment then securely connects to a cell phone, securing it to the glove. The user can then move the phone to their palm or back of their hand via the track.


Get-A-Grip is the only product on the market that secures a cell phone to a glove.


Materials needed to produce the Get-A-Grip™:

  • Interlocking Device Attachment
  • Fingerless leather glove
  • Plastic or metal for track



The Get-A-Grip is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,147,326




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