For decades now, the keyboard has been the only option for translating someone’s thoughts to their computer. While this may work well for some users, many struggle to use a keyboard or find it a cumbersome method that ends up putting a great deal of strain on their hands. Some speech-to-text software has started to come on the market and advance in its technology, but many users are still stuck with using a keyboard due to the current drawbacks of these methods. The ChatMouse™ seeks to challenge the industry standards by its innovative design and usability.

The ChatMouse™ is a unique computer mouse that allows users to easily translate their thoughts on a computer with state-of-the-art voice listening technology. It performs this by having a microphone that listens to a user’s speech at a click of a button, and it is even ChatGPT enabled. Then the device translates the speech by utilizing advanced speech recognition software to transfer what the users says to text on the computer in whatever application they are currently in. This provides a seamless experience for users to easily work on their computers without having to worry about using a keyboard and having their hands cramp along with providing accessibility to vision impaired users. A bonus is the mouse is quite a pleasant product to use with a sleek and compact design. The ChatMouse™ is THE device for a generative AI enabled world.



Special features

  • The most efficient voice-to-text method on the market with cutting edge user voice listening technology
  • Composed of a computer mouse with a microphone to listen to user’s speech
  • The perfect method to get a user’s thoughts on a computer
  • One click of a button to activate or deactivate speech recognition
  • ChatGPT enabled to take a user’s prompt and turn it into a detailed response using the artificial intelligence chatbot
  • Gets rid of the need for a keyboard when using a computer
  • Utilizes advanced speech recognition software
  • Increases accessibility to those who are vision impaired
  • Has integrated peripherals with high-quality microphones
  • Capability to have a wired or wireless computer connection
  • Sleek and compact design
  • Cross platform integrated
  • Easy to operate
  • Simple setup process
  • Cost efficient to make and sell to consumers




The ChatMouse™ is a computer mouse that includes voice recognition technology. It is  physically composed of a mouse shell, a microphone to gather sound for the user, an extra button, a processor coupled to the microphone and the button, memory coupled to the processor, and speakers. The device also contains voice and speech recognition software to listen to speech from a user and translate it to text. It sends this text to the computer via either a wired or wireless connection. When a user clicks the extra button, this turns the microphone on to have it listen for speech to send to the processor. The user can click the same button a second time to turn off the microphone when they are done speaking. It is truly THE device for consumers to adapt to the generative AI enabled world.

This device provides a seamless experience for users to easily transfer their thoughts to their computer with a simple click of a button. Now they don’t have to worry about using a keyboard that may cause their hands to cramp or be a difficult to impossible experience for those who are vision impaired. The cutting-edge speech recognition technology used in the ChatMouse™  allows users to have a smooth experience without constantly dealing with the technology not being able to understand them or having it write out text that is completely incorrect from what they originally said. It effortlessly integrates with many if not all applications on a user’s computer whether they are searching the web, writing an essay, or drafting an email for a colleague. This includes the ability to integrate directly with ChatGPT to allow users to give the chatbot a prompt to have it provide a detailed response along with back and forth conversation if needed. The chatbot uses natural language processing machine learning algorithms to determine its response to the user. The device also contains integrated peripherals with high quality microphones further elevating the overall experience and preventing frustrating from users trying to speak to the device and having it not properly understand them.

The mouse comes ready to go and can be easily integrated with any computer without having to  worry about which operating system it uses. Users can seamlessly switch their mouse to be used on different computers making it a long-lasting solution. There is flexibility provided with a wired or wireless connection option along with an overall enjoyable experience with the mouse’s sleek and compact design with it being 4 in. x 1.5 in. x 2 in. and only weighing 12 oz. Users can get the ChatMouse™ experience for a very affordable price similar to other mid-priced computer mice currently on the market. They also don’t have to worry about constantly paying for a subscription service that could get really expensive like many of the current options available on the market. This device is truly the perfect all-in-one solution for having a great computer mouse with remarkable speech to text software.


Materials needed to produce the ChatMouse™:

  • Mouse shell
  • Extra butto
  • Circuit board
  • Integrated microphones
  • Speakers
  • Software
  • Wired or wireless computer connectivity






The ChatMouse™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,288,038



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