Baby Cloud™



The Baby Cloud™ is a portable, child-monitoring device that provides visual and audio data. The monitor can be placed in different locations (crib, car) to collect data, which is available for viewing on a variety of devices (dashboard touch screen, mobile phone) by the caregiver.

The Baby Cloud™ can be placed above a crib in a mobile, hung on a wall, strapped to a car’s headrest, or attached to a stand and placed on a dresser or table. This monitoring system is a versatile product that uses Bluetooth interactive communication technology to help parents and caregivers make sure their child is safe, no matter where they are.




Special features

  • Portable monitoring system
  • Home, car, or outside use
  • Records audio and visual data
  • Transmits data to multiple devices
  • Interactive communication system
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Removeable couplings for easy installation
  • USB charging capability
  • Plays music
  • Light included
  • Goes from home to car
  • Convenient, versatile and complete monitoring system









The Baby Cloud™ is a portable monitoring system for a child. This system collects visual and audio data at a location, such as a baby’s crib, and transmits visual and auditory signals to a second location (e.g. a touchscreen monitor-&-speaker-system on the dashboard of a parent’s vehicle) via specially-tailored systems and device(s). The monitoring device may be detached and moved to a third location (e.g. a car’s back seat) so the parent can continuously monitor [and entertain] the child throughout the day.

The Baby Cloud™ is portable via removable couplings. These couplings can be placed wherever the monitor is going to be used, such as a crib mobile, a stand, or a car dash or headrest. The monitor coupling is turned to lock into place at each usable location. The coupling receptacle contain a USB port, which powers the monitor when it is locked into place.

The Baby Cloud™ is a complete monitoring system, and contains a Bluetooth communication system and a cloud-based virtual assistant. Video and audio transmitting, receiving, recording, data storage, and alarm system set-up are just some of the features of this versatile new product. Parents will love having the convenience of moving the monitor move from home to car for outings, quick trips and travel.



Materials needed to produce the Baby Cloud™:

  • Monitoring device
    • Cloud-structure casing
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Processor
  • Memory
  • Data storage
  • Cloud-based virtual assistant
  • Speaker
  • Microphone
  • Camera
  • Mounting coupling
    • Grooved
  • USB power connector
  • Support structure



The Baby Cloud™ is covered by United States Utility Patent:  10,706,705






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