Howell Hoist™




The Howell Hoist™ is comprised of a bolt shaft, a threaded shaft, and a head bolt. By turning the bolt, the ends of the assembly are brought close together, thereby allowing the cables attached to be joined. This is done by a threaded screw system, which is operated by a drill or similar device. This process is quicker and easier than the ratchet and strap system.





Special features

  • Hoist operated by drill or similar item
  • Hoist brings items closer together
  • No ratcheting needed
  • Faster connections
  • Easy to operate
  • Safer than ratcheting
  • Multiple uses




The Howell Hoist™ is a tool for hoisting cables, wires and other objects to a work area that is above ground level. The strap and ratchet system is replaced with a threaded bolt system that is faster and easier to operate. A drill or similar item, is used to turn the bolt head, causing the threaded bolt to wind itself up into the shaft. This action draws the two ends of the assembly closer together.

The ends of a cable/wire that need connected are attached to the Howell Hoist™ at each end through the grab eyes, and are within easy reach of each other when the threaded bolt is completely inserted into the threaded shaft.

Many linemen would appreciate the ease of the screw-type assembly compared to the strap and ratchet type. There is less physical exertion required to lift lines and cables to the work area, the process is much quicker, and the two pieces are closer together.

The Howell Hoist™ could also be made in a small size for household use and DIYers. This smaller version would be great for repairing fences, hanging pictures, and stringing lights.


Materials needed to produce the Howell Hoist™:

  • Head bolt
    • Threaded
  • Threaded shaft
  • Bolt shaft
    • Threaded
  • Grab eye
  • Connecting hooks (2)



The Howell Hoist™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,038,313


























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