Curved Surface EAS Labels




The Curved Surface EAS Labels are tags for retail items, such as cosmetic pencils, are readable by an electronic means (scanner) and allow a retailer to inventory and track sales of many things that were previously difficult to manage.

Small, slender, curved retail items, such as cosmetic pencils and lipsticks, can now be labeled with an electronic tag for easy scanning. Retailers who use the Curved Surface EAS Labels will be alerted to shoplifting attempts and will reduce loss.




Special features

  • Readable electronic tags for a variety of small, curved products
  • Easily inventoried and scanned for sales
  • Makes anti-shoplifting protection possible
  • Can be made many sizes
  • Only product that works on curved surfaces
  • Great for cosmetics, office supplies, sporting goods, etc.




The Curved Surface EAS Labels are used for tagging items with a sharply curved surface, such as eye pencils. The labels are attached to retail products with an adhesive back, and are detectable by an EAS system. They can be made in the similar shape and sizes as flat RFID labels, and can be applied to many surface materials.

The electronic components allow a retailer to keep track of inventory, measure sales, and significantly reduce loss of merchandise due to theft. Though this product was primarily created for cosmetics, other retail merchandise (tools, office supplies, toys, health products, etc.) can be protected with the use of the Curved Surface EAS Labels.

Retailers will now be able to track all of their products electronically, especially the small, numerous products that were not previously individually labeled with electronically readable tags. This will increase profits by reducing loss due to inventory miscounts and shoplifting thefts.


TWO VERSIONS: To ensure proper functioning, two versions of tags are designed to cover different diameter ranges:

ZT-20:  6.9mm ≤ Diameter ≤ 8.3mm

ZT-50:  8.3mm ≤ Diameter ≤ 10.3mm

Gauge:  User can easily determine the right version for an object.

Typical Dimension: 20mm x 65mm, 8.2 MHz

Color: Clear (Silver)





The Curved Surface EAS Labels  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,832,114




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