Crossarm Plus™




The Crossarm Plus™ is a safety alarm system for school buses. It works in conjunction with an existing crossarm and includes electronic sensors for detecting movement and for viewing all danger zones in front of and behind the bus.


The alarm system includes sensors, motion detectors and cameras for viewing all areas around the bus (danger zones) and making sure no child is in the way after leaving the bus. This eliminates the chance of a child getting hit by the bus after exiting. The Crossarm Plus™ is a versatile product that can be incorporated into an existing crossarm system, added to a bus with no crossarm system, or incorporated into a new school bus at time of production.



Special features

  • Detects movement all around school bus
  • Prevents children from getting hit after exiting bus
  • Video display shows area around bus
  • Sensors and motion detectors set off alarm
  • Visible warning lights and loud alarms
  • Audible alarm system warns driver of someone in danger zone
  • Enhanced safety measures protect children and drivers
  • Protects children waiting to load and after unloading
  • Protects small children that are hard to see from the bus windows
  • Works with existing crossarm systems
  • Can be added to buses with no crossarm
  • Can be incorporated into new buses at time of production
  • Decreases or eliminates number of children killed by school buses each year



The Crossarm Plus™ is an enhanced safety system for school buses. It includes a crossarm (if none is present) sensors, motion detectors, a video display screen, and a Bluetooth communication system. This allows the driver to operate the system from inside the bus to make sure there are no children in any dangerous areas before moving the bus.

The sensors and motion detectors are located n the crossarm, bumpers, and other locations on the outside of the bus. They all trigger and alarm, either flashing lights, an audible alarm, or a video image of a person near the bus that may not be visible to the driver. This makes sure that no one will be injured when the bus moves.

The Crossarm Plus™ can be added to a bus with an existing crossarm system, or added to a bus with no crossarm system, or incorporated into a new bus at the time of production. This enhanced safety system will save lives.



Materials needed to produce the Crossarm Plus™:

  • Crossarm assembly
    • Crossarm
    • Motor
    • Hinge
    • Limit switch
  • Alarm enunciator
  • Video display
  • Motion detectors
  • Sensors
  • Bluetooth technology
  • Electronic power source
  • Assorted hardware and connectors



The Crossarm Plus™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,486,592














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