Simple Clasp™



There are a variety of jewelry items such as necklaces and bracelets that require a clasp to either secure the item to the wearer or to place on an item to the piece of jewelry like a pendant. There are a variety of jewelry clasps available on the market in a variety of styles and metals. Many of these clasps have faults in their designs though where it makes it difficult for the jewelry wearers to use or has a risk of having items on the piece of jewelry fall off.

Many jewelry wearers are tired of the hassle involved with taking jewelry off and on since many are difficult to operate. Due to the difficulty of operation of many clasps, this makes the jewelry wearing experience unenjoyable and stressful for many. This is due to many jewelry wearers not wanting to deal with the frustrating process involved with putting the jewelry on or taking it off. Sometimes the clasp is so tiny it is difficult to open and close with regular sized fingers. The jewelry wearer may require a second person or a tool like a jewelry helper to help them place the jewelry on or take it off due to the difficulty of not being able to do it one handed.

Many jewelry wearers are often stressed about how they have to keep a very close eye on their jewelry when wearing it in case the clasp does not fully secure the product making it fall off the person. This is an industry wide problem with the current clasps on the market. This is especially stressful when the jewelry people are wearing costs thousands of dollars making it expensive to replace when it gets damaged or lost due to an ineffective closing clasp mechanism.

This innovative Simple Clasp™ is in a league of its own where it solves many of the typical pain points of these other jewelry clasps. One key feature is the Simple Clasp™ has the ability to be placed on or off with the use of just one hand via a quick pull once the jewelry is placed inside the loop. The spring mechanism then helps lock the clasp both in an open and a closed state with just a quick pull to ensure a painless process when the user is placing their jewelry on or off. When the Simple Clasp™ is closed, it has no gaps in the design to ensure the jewelry and any items attached to it is secure. This will greatly reduce the frequency of the jewelry coming undone or having items of the jewelry come off when wearing it which can cause potential damage or loss of the item.



Special features

  • Only need one hand to place on or off
  • Ability to lock in open and closed state
  • Easy to operate
  • No gaps when in closed state
  • Able to manufacture in a wide variety of metals
  • Cost efficient
  • Low profile, durable design
  • Simple manufacturing process




The Simple Clasp™ operably locks in both an open and closed state to facilitate placing on and off an article of jewelry and for securing the jewelry to the wearer after being placed on. The clasp comprises a clasp body having a first end with a hook portion and a clearance slot. Within the clasp body is a slidable clasp member that slides within the clasp body and operably blocks and opens the clearance slot of the hook portion. Within the clasp body is a first detent and a second detent that are aligned with the slide direction of the slidable member. The slidable member includes a protrusion that operably engages the first detent and second detent. The first detent locks the clasp in an open position. The second detent locks the clasp in a closed position. All of this is pulled together with an inner spring bar that slides open and closed with ease, but it also has enough tension to stay in place whether it is in an open or closed position.




The unique design also ensures the jewelry, and anything adorned to it will be secured when put in the closed state unlike other options such as the s hook or toggle. Finally, the key part for usability is the easily operated opening and closing of the clasp. With a design that makes it easy to open and close the clasp wit h a quick pull along with the locking mechanism for both stages greatly decrease the frustration many jewelry wearers experience when trying to place their jewelry off or on. Much of this attribute to the design of the loaded spring to ensure a quick and easy pull will secure and release the jewelry from the clasp. This will also greatly reduce the need for jewelry wearers to require assistance when placing jewelry on and off since this easy to use clasp makes the experience quick and painless.



Materials needed to produce the Simple Clasp™:

  • Metal of choice such as sterling silver, gold, white gold, platinum, and more


The Simple Clasp™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: #10,178,900



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