RV Extension Arm™



The RV Extension Arm™ assists in turning knobs, crank shafts and handles of fans and vents located in the ceiling.

Interchangeable end caps are configured to fit most operating switches for opening and closing vents and turning fans on and off. They fit over the slotted end of the long handle and make it easy to reach the ceiling without climbing on a step ladder or stool. This is a safer way to operate equipment that is out of reach.




Special features

  • RV accessory
  • Long handle reaches ceiling fans and vents
  • No step ladder or stool used
  • No step ladder or stool storage space required
  • Safer way to operate out-of-reach fans and vents
  • End caps interchangeable
  • End caps configured to fit over switches, handles and crank shafts
  • Easy operation of switches, cranks and on/off buttons
  • Great for all RV owners
  • Economical product




The RV Extension Arm™ is an RV accessory that can reach and operate ceiling fans and vents without climbing on a step ladder or stool. A user can easily reach

these items while standing on the floor and not have to risk a fall or injury.

The slotted end of the handle provides a secure connection for the various end caps that may be used. Each cap is configured to fit over a different type of operational switch or crank handle, and makes turning fans on/off and opening /closing vents easy for the owner. Controlling air flow and temperature within the RV is an important part of what makes the experience comfortable and more enjoyable for campers of all ages.

The RV Extension Arm™ will be sold with an assortment of end caps. Additional end caps may be purchased separately as needed.


Materials needed to produce the RV Extension Arm™:

  • Elongated shaft
    • PVC pipe
    • Other sturdy material
    • Slotted
  • Interchangeable end caps
    • Slotted





The RV Extension Arm™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,449,827















United States Utility Patent: 10,059,164














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