Canoe Cat™



The Canoe Cat™ (catamaran) is a platform that connects two canoes to make a stable watercraft. The platform can be used for fishing, hunting, camping, or carrying supplies.

The 8-foot by 32-inch deck has hinged, adjustable arms to attach to two canoes of any length and width. There is also a transom for attaching an electric or gas trolling motor. The platform folds in half for easy storage and transport.






Special features

  • Lightweight aluminum structure
  • Foldable or removeable arms
  • Patented arm and hinge assembly
  • Foldable platform for easy storage and transport
  • Adjustable arms can attach to any size canoes
  • Strong platform for fishing, hunting, sunbathing, and other activities
  • Strong platform will hold camping gear and/or other supplies
  • Can be used with trolling motor
  • Great for traveling between lakes and rivers
  • Sturdy platform creates a catamaran-like watercraft
  • Versatile watercraft accessory – many uses




The Canoe Cat™ is an attachable platform to use with two canoes to make a catamaran-like structure. The platform is made of lightweight aluminum, measures 8 feet by 32 inches, and folds in half for storage or transporting. It attaches to the canoes with adjustable arms that ensure a secure fit.

The patented arms and hinges will attach the platform to two canoes, which can be any length or width. They fold up or can be removed for storage or transporting, and are made of sturdy aluminum tubing.

The platform is made of 14 -gauge aluminum mesh, can be used for storing or carrying supplies, or can be used as a platform for fishing, hunting, or sunbathing. It gives the canoers an extra space for using as they please. The watercraft may be moved and steered with paddles, or a trolling motor may be attached to the transom at the rear of the platform.

This is a versatile product that will enhance the use of canoes, especially when used with groups of people. Camping, fishing, hunting, and other activities can be enjoyed on the water on a stable craft.

Materials needed to produce the Canoe Cat™:

  • Aluminum deck
    • 8’ by 32”
    • Hinged for folding
  • Hollow aluminum flat tubes
    • Various lengths and sizes
  • Hollow aluminum square tubes
    • Various lengths and sizes
  • Custom-made hinges with pins







The Canoe Cat™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,377,451


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