Therapeutic Eye Pod System




The Therapeutic Eye Pod System is a thermal eye pod assembly for use in heating and/or cooling at least one eye patch. This portable thermal eye pod assembly may be used for efficiently treating recurring ophthalmic conditions, accelerating the healing process, and for providing a means of faster relief for pain and discomfort to a user.

In a heated state, the present invention pertains to a thermal eye pod assembly for using a heated eye patch to treat a variety of different ailments, including, but not limited to chalazions, styes, and symptoms of dry eye disease.

A cooled eye patch may be used to reduce post-operative swelling that is generally associated with a variety of different surgical procedures, blepharoplasty, or any other surgical procedures that are typically performed in a user’s orbit area.



Special features

  • Self-contained unit
  • Use for one or both eyes
  • Compresses can be heated or cooled
  • More durable that regular compresses
  • Relieves discomfort from dry or irritated eyes
  • Safer alternative than surgery
  • Patient-friendly, self-care for eyes
  • Treats dry eyes caused by environment or disease
  • Easy treatment for post-surgery
  • Effective treatment for a variety of eye illnesses and surgeries



The Therapeutic Eye Pod System is an orbital temperature treatment kit that has a container base, hinged cover and handle. An inner partition in the base is a mount for electrical features and a heat exchanger with transfer fins and a heat sink. The inner partition has recesses for temperature change of pods held in spaces between parallel fins. The frame for holding the pods in place for treatment has two large lenses, a nose piece joining the lenses and hinged temples. The lenses support slotted receivers with fasteners that engage fasteners on tabs attached to the pods.

The orbital heating or cooling pods are provided for applying temperature treatment to the eyes of users. The pods have at least one tab connected to and extending from each of the pods. A fastener is provided on the top end of the tab to fasten onto the frame.

The patient-friendly system is a thermal eye pod assembly for use in efficiently heating and/or cooling a plurality of thermal eye patch members, as desired. The portable Therapeutic Eye Pod System is used for efficiently treating a user’s recurring ophthalmic conditions, accelerating a user’s healing process, and providing a user with a relatively faster means of relief for eye discomfort.




Materials needed to produce the Therapeutic Eye Pod System:

  • Compresses with tabs
  • Frame
  • Heating and cooling system
  • Storage areas for pods, frame, power source
  • Power source with electrical cord
  • Storage case with hinged lid





The Therapeutic Eye Pod System is covered by three United States Utility Patents: 10,835,415, 10,420,674 and 9,999,539





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