The Whereabouts™ is a wristband alarm system that tracks the distance between two individuals. Caregivers who take care of mobile patients, such as those with dementia or autism, need to know where their patients are and how to find them quickly if they wander off.

The Whereabouts™ wristband is great for keeping track of many patients in hospitals or care centers, people with Alzheimer’s or dementia, children and adults with autism, and others that tend to wander off and need to be found quickly. Families and caregivers would have peace of mind knowing where their patients and loved ones are and can be tracked easily.




Special features

  • Tracks wearers when out of sight 
  • Notifies the caregiver of the wearer’s location
  • Technology incorporated into wristbands
  • Uses GPS for locating wearer
  • Bluetooth enabled for use with phone
  • Can be monitored by computer
  • Low noise signals or vibrations used
  • Tracking can be done remotely
  • Simple and safe to use for all ages
  • Uses existing technology




The Whereabouts™ is a tracking assembly that enables a supervisory (parent, relative, or caregiver) person to keep track of another person. This allows everyone to participate in activities where large crowds may be present (shopping malls, city parks, concerts, etc.) and where a monitoring or tracking system may be necessary.

The tracking and communication technologies are incorporated into a wristband for convenience for the wearer, and send and receive location signals as requested by the supervising person. Monitoring may be done through a program or app on a home computer, tablet or smartphone for convenience.

This technology is very useful and can be used for monitoring elderly patients in hospitals and nursing homes, and in family or caregiving situations involving persons with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autism, and other afflictions that affect communication skills. This tracking system will help locate someone who has wandered off alone, and gives families a great tool to protect their loved ones.

 Materials needed to produce the Whereabouts™:

  • Wristband
  • GPS technology                                                    
  • Electronic signal emitters
  • Electronic communication system



The Whereabouts™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,121,347




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