Jordan Ice Wipe™



The Jordan Ice Wipe™ is a three-sided wiper blade made for scraping ice off a vehicle’s windshield. The blade features a notched side for penetrating ice, a sturdy flat side for wiping away snow and ice, and a softer, more pliable side for rain and water.

The Jordan Ice Wipe™ fits any vehicle and works in any kind of weather. It is a strong, versatile wiper blade that is easy to use.



Special features

  • Three-sided blade for all weather conditions
  • Spring-loaded assembly allows for easy turning
  • Easily removes ice, hail, frost and snow from windshield
  • Breaks through and removes ice in a matter of seconds
  • Will not damage or scratch glass
  • Field tested
  • Could be sold as an OEM and aftermarket product
  • Available in many sizes to fit all vehicles



The Jordan Ice Wipe™ is a set of wiper blades for cleaning windshields of vehicles (primarily passenger cars). The triple blade design consists of a notched blade for breaking through ice, a heavy-duty flat blade for scraping ice and snow away, and a regular blade for removing water (rain). The blade is attached to the wiper arm with a spring-loaded pin, and the blade is turned easily for blade selection.

The Jordan Ice Wipe™ is a valuable new product for areas with substantial snow and ice accumulations, but can be a great asset for cars and trucks in most areas of the U.S. The Jordan Ice Wipe™ can be manufactured in a variety of sizes to fit most vehicles, including snowmobiles, cars, trucks, buses, and all other vehicles requiring windshield wipers.

Materials needed to produce the Jordan Ice Wipe™:

  • Wiper blade arm
  • Triple blade
    • Notched
    • Heavy-duty flat
    • Flexible flat
  • Spring pin attaching assembly





The Jordan Ice Wipe™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 8,281,454















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