Fingertip Mist™




The essence of the Fingertip Mist™ lies in its ingenious methodology, which involves delivering a pristine and sterile mist of simulated saliva to the consumer.

This cutting-edge product harnesses the power of artificial saliva, a meticulously crafted formulation that holds the potential to transform everyday tasks. By simply applying this remarkable mist to one’s fingertips, a world of convenience unfolds. Imagine effortlessly opening plastic bags, deftly separating sheets of paper, or precisely counting dollar bills—all made possible through the moisture-enhancing qualities of the Fingertip Mist™.

Beyond its functional prowess, this simulated mist also addresses a critical concern: hygiene. Human saliva, while commonly employed for tasks requiring moisture, can often carry an array of germs. With the Fingertip Mist™, the risk of germ transmission is significantly reduced. By utilizing a clean, sterile mist, users can carry out tasks with moist fingertips while ensuring a higher level of cleanliness and well-being.

Intriguingly innovative and astutely practical, the Fingertip Mist™ has the potential to redefine convenience and hygiene standards across various domains. As you read through this prospectus, you can envision the countless applications and scenarios where this technology can make a transformative impact. Join us in exploring the limitless possibilities that the Fingertip Mist™ brings to the forefront of modern living.





Special features

  • Sanitary
  • Makes counting dollar bills easier
  • Assists to open plastic bags conveniently




Made up of a meticulous configuration, the Fingertip Mist™ system is an intricate combination of components designed to seamlessly integrate into a cohesive whole. At its core, this innovation encompasses a state-of-the-art dispensing mechanism, where each element functions harmoniously to achieve a singular objective. Central to this system is the individual liquid container, a precision-crafted receptacle that houses the key to unlocking convenience and versatility.

Along with the dispensing system’s efficacy is an ingeniously crafted apparatus for misting. This element of the Fingertip Mist™ system is a testament to the careful attention given to every detail. Configured with a meticulous balance of form and function, this misting apparatus is masterfully tailored to deliver a fine mist characterized by its ability to disperse minute droplets with exquisite precision.

By merging science and nature, the Fingertip Mist™ becomes more than just a moisture dispensing system—it’s an embodiment of innovation that redefines expectations. Its portability transforms it into a trusted companion for everyday tasks, a versatile tool that elevates convenience to new heights. Meanwhile, its mist composition, enriched by the essence of citrus, olives, and nuts, endows it with a distinctive stickiness, becoming a bridge between materials and an enabler of seamless interactions. The Fingertip Mist™ isn’t just a system; it’s an expression of ingenuity that reshapes how we engage with the world around us.

Materials needed to produce the FINGERTIP MIST™:

  • Individual Liquid Container with Dispensing System
  • Sanitized Liquid




The Fingertip Mist™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,926,283



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