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The Fever Detector Wrist Band is a device, that when worn by a user, can detect body temperature and indicate a higher-than-normal range with a color indicator. The band is made of silicone or rubber, can be worn by anyone, and indicated a fever, which may require medical attention.

This medical device is inexpensive, requires no power to operate, and can be a useful tool to help reduce the spread of illness in a pandemic. The Fever Detector Wrist Band will be used as a tool to indicate the early stages of an illness, such as a fever, and will allow the user to get tested and treated much quicker.




Special features

  • External catheter system collects urine
  • Pain-free method of collecting urine
  • No tube insertion into the bladder
  • Eliminates discomfort and possible infection
  • Mess-free urine management
  • Drainage tube connects undergarment to collection bag
  • Urine is easy to measure and empty
  • Waterproof undergarment protects clothing and bedding
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Great product for hospital patients
  • Could be used as an incontinence management product




The External Catheter System is an undergarment with a urine collection system for use with a patient. The undergarment is formed from waterproof elastic sheeting. The elastic sheeting collects urine as it is excreted and routes the collected urine to a catheter bag.

The External Catheter System is comprised of a waterproof undergarment, a drain tube, and a catheter bag. The tube provides a connection between the undergarment and the catheter bag. This catheter system is easier for the patient to tolerate. These is no device inserted into the bladder to drain it, so there is no pain, no discomfort, and no chance of infection that would cause the procedure to be repeated.

Patents in a hospital, or other health care facility, sometimes have procedures done that require recovery. If mobility is restricted or limited during this time, bladder drainage needs to be managed. By having the patient wear a waterproof undergarment, clothing and bedding are protected from fluid drainage.  As urine is expelled, it is contained in the undergarment, and sent down a plastic tube into a collection bag, where it can be measured and drained.

People who suffer from incontinence also need a way to manage bladder drainage. By wearing the External Catheter System, they can go through their day without worrying about bladder leaks and odors that can occur, causing wet clothing and embarrassing situations.

Materials needed to produce the External Catheter System:

  • Elastic material
    • Waterproof
  • Plastic tubing
  • Plastic collection bag
    • Measurements
  • Valve for draining



The External Catheter System is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,624,778







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