Air Pad Bike Shorts



The Air Pad Bike Shorts is a pair of shorts that contain an inflatable air pad. The air may be adjusted for comfort while being worn, to ensure comfort on long rides.

The air pad will help relieve pain and discomfort from sitting on a bicycle seat for long periods of time. The air cushion also helps absorb the shock from the weight of the rider. The pressure of the air pad may be adjusted by pushing an accessible button, either inflating or deflating as needed




Special features

  • Provides comfort for long bike rides 
  • Inflates or deflates by pushing a button
  • Control button easily accessible in front of shorts
  • Absorbs shock of rider’s body weight
  • Reduces pain and discomfort
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Simple to use while riding
  • Air pad shape is comfortable for all types of riders
  • Fully adjustable
  • Great for spin class




The Air Pad Bike Shorts contains a new comfort pad for cycling. The pad is attached inside the shorts, is comfortable to wear, and enables riders to go longer distances. The pad is fully adjustable, allowing the rider to change the pressure between the rider’s body and the bike seat. Made from soft, durable material, the pad is formed to the shape of a seat for the most comfortable coverage. Air channels are incorporated into the pad for increasing or decreasing the air in them, creating a softer surface for the most comfortable ride.

The control button is incorporated into the front of the shorts, and is easily accessible to the rider. The pad can be inflated or deflated during the ride, creating comfort on the go, as well as reducing the number of stops that are taken. Long rides can be enjoyed with reduced pain and discomfort normally experienced from the bike seat. The air pad absorbs shock from the rider’s body, making the ride much smoother.

The Air Pad Bike Shorts is a far superior product for cushioning a bike seat, especially for long rides. Whether in the great outdoors or in a gym, all cyclists will appreciate the comfort of the bike seat, and the relief from pain, as they are enjoying the riding experience.


Materials needed to produce Air Pad Bike Shorts:

  • Bike Shorts
    • Multiple sizes
    • Lightweight material
  • Air cushion pad
    • Shaped layers
    • Air chambers
    • Pump
    • Release valve





The Air Pad Bike Shorts  is covered by United States Utility Patent: 9,877,524, 
















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