This prospectus will introduce Arganteal®, a newly patented technology available for licensing. Arganteal® automates deployment and configuration of networks, infrastructure and workloads on platforms from OpenStack to Azure. It works with any API, any platform, and any layer. Its automation can replace the tedious projects that routinely occupy expensive subject matter experts (SMEs).

Arganteal® captures for reuse the scripts used by current SMEs for an application, infrastructure or network layer. The resulting libraries then inform the patented compilers, which produce customized deployment commands for each specific implementation. Arganteal® technologies allow standard workflows to be compiled with details and customizations unique to the stack (see examples below) such that the entire process can be automated.


Arganteal® provides completely automated routine for deploying all of the layers required on different platforms and APIs in the right order. A specified compiled deployment is then archived in a form that allows upgrade, patch, migration and disaster recovery scripts to be recompiled by inserting only the new libraries. This is an adaptable and versatile program for everyone who uses cloud programs.



Special features

  • Automates deployment and configuration of networks, infrastructure, and workloads
  • Applicable for deploying Kubernetes on any platform
  • Orchestrates current product libraries to do bigger and more complex tasks than the competition
  • Can replace current products
  • Users can write libraries that incorporate current product’s scripts
  • This software works with any API, any platform or any layer
  • Provides a completely automated routine for deploying all of the layers on disparate platforms and APIs
  • A computer language that can be applied to any new deployment
  • One hour of automation replaces 8 hours of engineering
  • Reduces human error and rework
  • Achieves a consistent and maintainable environment



Arganteal® automates cloud construction. It has developed a system that can be used by virtually every software and application development company. This created a system that combines automation with computer technology to rapidly deploy new applications at a much lower cost.


Arganteal® is a proven success and has completed automated deployments for The Via Group (a division of Datatec), Dimension Data and HP. These entities recognize the problems associated with deploying the software stack and perform these tasks hundreds of times a year. Arganteal® allows them to be faster, more consistent, scalable and profitable.


Case 1.           MS Partner Customer Deployment

3 Hours – New application deployed and configured

38 hours – Prior

Case 2.           DiData Training Lab Deployment

8 hours – Deployed training lab

200 hours – Prior

1 Pass – 12 distinct infrastructures deployed and networked

Case 3.           Application for Deployment for HP – Automated

40 minutes – Arganteal®’s compiled script deployed the app

8 hours – Prior



The Arganteal® is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,003,358















The Arganteal® is covered by United States Utility Patent:  9,182,946














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