Beauty Blender Storage Case™





The Beauty Blender Storage Case™ is a small storage box for makeup sponges. The sponges fit into a ring made of metal, or other material, with a magnet attached on the bottom, which clings to the metal insert placed inside the lid. This holds the sponges up off the bottom of the case, keeping the product at the tip of the applicator and ready to use.

The rings hold the applicators tightly, and protect them from absorbing contaminants from the user’s fingers, but also prevent make-up from getting on user’s fingers and hands. The storage case protects sponges and applicators from getting contaminated with other materials, such as dust and hair, that may be on the surfaces around the makeup area. Air holes drilled into the case prevent moisture build-up, allowing the applicators to keep dry.



Special features

  • Convenient storage box
  • Rings hold applicators securely during use
  • Prevents applicator contamination from user’s fingers
  • Metal surface inside lid holds magnetized rings
  • Applicators stored upside down to keep product at tip
  • Storage case can be made of plastic, metal or other material
  • Storage case easy to clean and sanitize
  • Case stores multiple applicators, sponges, and supplies
  • Extends sponge life
  • Keeps hands and fingernails free of makeup



The Beauty Blender Storage Case™ is a box that stores beauty sponges between uses. Sponges fit snugly into holding rings, which serve as handles for easy application, and are magnetically attached inside the case box to keeps applicators clean and handy. Rings can be made of metal, plastic or silicone with magnets attached to the bottom.

The box can be made from metal, plastic, or other material, and has a metal insert inside the lid. The magnetized applicator rings attach to the metal lid when open, and are held securely for easy access. When finished, the box is closed, and the sponges are stored inside. This keeps them from dropping down into the bottom of the box, where they can become contaminated, or colors on the applicators can be mixed. Air holes in the container keep moisture from building up, allowing the applicators to dry.

The applicator rings provide a secure handle for the sponges, which prevents oils and other substances on the user’s hands from soaking into the sponge, but also helps keep the user’s hands clean. The rings also create a hygienic and convenient storage method for sponge applicators between uses. The sponges hang upside down inside the box when it is closed, and any remaining makeup would gravitate toward the tip.

Other types of handles and covers can be made available for using, storing or protecting the sponges, which can also be stored in the Beauty Blender Storage Case™.

Metal Pro’s: Easy to Clean – Looks good – High end value

Meal Cons: Heavy – Expensive to make groves that are polished enough not to rip sponges – More expensive manufacturing cost – Metal has a slippery feeling – the sponge could slip out and fall on the ground making it a failed product.


Silicon Pros– Lightweight – Easy to shape – Easy to clean – Can be shaped with sponge gripping grooves installed – cost efficient – Ring could be made longer for those who want to reach from further away from the face.  (Some feedback from people who have ask is that the ring is too short and they would like to to be twice as long/tall) – Silcon has a grippy texture that would grip onto a sponge.

Silicon Cons– Would have to install magnets into the silicon –

Materials needed to produce the Beauty Blender Storage Case™:

  • Box with hinged lid
    • Metal or plastic
  • Metal plate
  • Metal rings
    • Grooved
    • Magnetized bottom
  • Storage area


The Beauty Blender Storage Case™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,799,017



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