knowpak™ is a personal environmental testing kit for evaluating conditions in specific locations. The pack is composed of various testing strips/swabs that are used for collecting data from biological and environmental elements, uploaded directly to users’ mobile devices into the knowpak™ app. The data is analyzed, recorded, and sent to the knowpak™ database.

The database contains many factors, including GPS locators, for recording the location of the testing and comparing it with previous testing results. This information can be made available for anyone who is concerned with questionable results gathered from testing in a specific area. knowpak™ is a way for everyone to be aware of what is in their surroundings, even on a personal level.

With knowpak™, users will become active agents in identifying environmental and potentially related personal health issues on a local, regional, national and global scale, giving the general public long overdue power, control and influence over the state of the environment. Through the widespread emergence of knowpak’s educational and crowdsourcing efforts, a first-ever global toxicity
index will empower a new era of environmental accountability and transformation.





Special Features
• Simple, easy to use test strips and swabs
• Can detect toxins in food, water, air and self
• Convenient kit packets are small and portable
• Standard kit or customized
• Can be used anywhere at any time
• Increases awareness of toxins
• Ability to report, track and compare results
• Database compares results of other tests in same area
• Allows access to testing results by everyone
• Educational tool
• Personal health tool







knowpak™ is a system for analyzing, storing and enabling access to collected biological or environmental test data. The kit consists of a group of testing supplies for individuals to assess the level of toxins in their personal environment. Food, water, air, and self-testing supplies are provided in each pack.

Sticks and swabs are used for testing the preferred element, results are scanned by mobile phone, smartwatch, etc., and sent to a database. The database collects the results, places them with similar data, and compares values. The location of the testing is recorded by GPS, and entered into a global system that shows the data instantly. This data can be accessed by any user.

The swabs and sticks used for testing can be manufactured for specific target areas and personal health
assessments, and customized packs can be assembled. Standard packs will hold supplies for four  different fields. All packs include the scanning elements (bar codes and QR codes), and all packs can be used with the knowpak™ app for sending data, accessing comparisons, and monitoring levels. Scanning can be done with a mobile phone, a tablet, smartwatch or other scanning device.

Scanning the codes on pre-packaged products will let others know exactly what specific products were tested, and whether or not they are safe to consume. This enables individuals to know more about what toxins are present in their food and water and take steps to eliminate those items from their home.

Users scan and input data into the app, creating a personal map of their air, food and water findings. This information is pooled into a central database. Communities can compare their results to make sure their environment is safe. This would be a great project for schools in a specified area. They could all do
environmental tests and compare results. If a problem is detected, authorities could be notified. knowpak™ will be offered as a basic testing kit, such as food and water, but also will have the option of being customized.Some of the other testing venues may require adding adapters (testing supplies and software) to the knowpak™ products.

Materials needed to produce knowpak™:

Test Kit
Strips and Swabs
Scannable Elements
Scanning Device
knowpak™ App





The knowpak™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,121,036,


























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