With the ever growing Electric Vehicle market, there is an equally growing need to find ways to extend the battery charge that keeps those vehicles going.  There are an estimated 3 million EVs on the road today, but only an estimated 56,000 public charging stations with 148,000 ports.  While most EV owners charge their vehicles at home, what if you are away from home, on a long trip, or find yourself in what has become known as “charging deserts” where vehicle recharging stations are not commonly available?

Imagine never having to fill your gas tank again.  The rising price of gas has consumers looking for alternatives in EVs and hybrid vehicles creating a demand for more efficient and environmentally friendly alternatives.  For many years, electric vehicles have been discussed as the possible solution to the United States’ dependence on oil.  However, the number one concern related to EVs according to Blinkrange.com, is the fear the battery will run out before reaching your destination, known as “Range Anxiety”, which means vehicles are limited to short trips between charges or time and money wasted at public charging stations.

Current EVs have battery lives of 300-500 miles per charge, but those number fall rapidly when the vehicle heater or AC are turned on as well as other internal electrical devices.  If you live in a colder climate, EVs can lose an estimated 12% of their range, and up to 41% with the heater on full blast, according to AAA.  So how do we extend the battery charge of our EVs and keep driving without having to stop to recharge as often?  The KO Kinetic Energy Technology can provide the answer.

Current available technology would require an EV owner to locate one of the often hard to find charging stations, carry in the vehicle a backup battery, or restrict travel to short trips.  With the KO Kinetic Energy Technology you can extend the battery charge with energy captured by simply being in motion.





Special features

  • Reduced need for external recharging
  • Extended miles per charge
  • Allows more use of internal electronics such as heat and AC
  • Continuous charging while in motion
  • Reduced time lost to external, motionless recharging
  • No rare earth metals used in the battery packs
  • No AC-to-DC using bi-directional inverter technology
  • Decarbonization: at scale, save over 200 billion kWh from being produced


The KO Kinetic Energy Technology is an energy-producing system comprising an axle configured to be driven by an electric vehicle’s wheels when in motion.  The axle supports a series of wind-catching cups contained within an aerodynamic housing configured to direct air to the cups (thereby maximizing Bernoulli’s principle) while also increasing the air speed.  During vehicle motion, the KO cups catch the forced air, which causes the axle to rotate.  The rotation is transferred into energy via a linked generator.  A series of similarly polarized magnets integrated on a flywheel keeps the axle in motion during short vehicle stops.  Harmonic balancers are used to dampen vibration.

The system directs the generated electricity into the batteries via a unique controller used to power the vehicle. The system extends the life of the batteries between charges as well as the distance the vehicle can travel between charges.  Additionally, the power controller is configured to distribute electricity from the generator to the battery pack, which is capable of powering all the vehicle systems, including A/C, heater, running lights, et cetera.  The system may be installed as original manufactured equipment during assembly as a new electric vehicle, or added after market to any vehicle, gas or electric.






The KO Kinetic Energy Technology is covered by United States Utility Patent: 11,267,335 

It is also covered by some older patents, those being  9,731,608; 8,579,054; 8,469,123 and 8,220,570



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