Buddy Lift™



The Buddy Lift™ is a lifting assembly that loads/unloads heavy objects into a truck or van. This product was made to accommodate power wheelchairs, but may be used for other items.

The Buddy Lift™ is made of heavy-duty canvas straps, overlapped for extra strength and will lift all power chairs with no special attachments needed. This is a convenient lift for power wheelchair users, it can be operated by one person, and will provide an easy way for caregivers to transport their patients.




Special features

  • Lifts any wheelchair or scooter
  • Strong hoist lifts heavy loads
  • No special attachments required
  • Strong canvas straps support heavy weight
  • Cross-shaped sling lays flat for loading
  • Durable stitching increases sling strength
  • Heavy duty D-ring and spring clip connectors
  • Power wheelchairs can be lifted with ease
  • One person can operate lift
  • Works with trucks or vans
  • Provides wheelchair users with more mobility
  • Convenient and efficient lift
  • Easy to load and unload chair
  • Safe for all users




The Buddy Lift™ is a sling-style lift for loading and unloading wheelchairs and mobility scooters into vehicle for transport. It is constructed of heavy-duty canvas, sewn together in the shape of a cross, and uses D-rings and spring clips for attaching to the hoist.

The sling shape holds any type of wheelchair, power wheelchair or other mobility device in a manner that it reduces movement while the object is being lifted. The sling wraps around the chair for a snug fit, can hold heavy loads, and makes loading and unloading heavy objects easy. Most power wheelchairs come with an attachment that will only hook to a specific lift. The Buddy Lift™ can be used to lift any wheelchair, without requiring special attachments.

The Buddy Lift™ can be used with any vehicle lift or hoist to conveniently load or unload wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility devices into a van or truck. The device is secure while being moved, and the user can be out and about without worrying about possible damage to the mobility device. This is a safe and efficient product that will be appreciated by wheelchair users and caregivers of wheelchair patients.



Materials needed to produce the Buddy Lift™:

  • Canvas straps
    • Heavy-duty stitching
    • Cross design
  • D-rings and spring clips
  • Cables


The  Buddy Lift™ is covered by United States Utility Patent: 10,625,986





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